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By Stan Greene
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Mad as Hell: LA Uber Driver Calls Woman He Took to ER a "F***ing Moron" in Viral Video

I'm asking you where is my destination? If you would kindly point me in the direction I'm supposed to go


He's Angry as Hell, And He's Not Going to Take You Anymore! As of May 2016, the service was available in over 66 countries and 449 cities worldwide.

In his words, she made him hurry up and wait. An Uber driver called a woman he drove to Kaiser Hospital a "f-----g moron," then accused her of being "extremely rude." Apparently he didn't know the man in the back seat was videotaping him, and intended to post their encounter online.

All this and more, in a YouTube posted Thursday, the Uber driver howls "Get out of my car" repeatedly. Uber suspended the driver's access as their "Trust and Safety Team" review the encounter, said an Uber spokesman.

"Get out of my car now," said the driver, but the woman wouldn't exit because she didn't see the ER entrance. "I have the right to tell you when to get out of my car. It's right now!" The woman appears to me, a casual observer and part time Lyft driver, to want to prevent the driver from winning through angry intimidation. The driver appears just as determined to win by being angry.

"I don't know where I am," the rider protests. "I'm asking you where is my destination? If you would kindly point me in the direction I'm supposed to go."

The driver could be seen yelling "Get out of my car" perhaps ten times during the footage. The video was uploaded last week and has been viewed over a million times.

"I pulled into your destination," the driver said, holding up his cell phone. "It said here I was at your destination. It's over. Get out of my car now."

The woman did not raise her voice in the footage, yet she would not believe the driver that they had made it to the hospital's emergency room. The driver said she had kept him waiting too long when he picked her up.

He grew more irate as he demanded she leave again and told her "I will f---ing talk to you any God d--- way I want" when she asked why he was yelling at her.

Some Uber and Lyft drivers have defended the viral video drivers actions, pointing out that driving in Southern California is inherently stressful. And that we do not know what the woman and her male backseat companion did previous to the short video, to make the driver so stressed out and determined to get away from them.

The three-minute video ended with a bystander promising to walk the woman to the emergency room. The video, "Hostile Uber driver refuses to take me to ER!," had been viewed over half a million times by Wednesday afternoon.

It wasn't immediately clear what exactly the woman had done to make the driver so angry. an Uber spokeswoman declined to give more details such as the name of the driver, citing privacy laws. The company's rules call for drivers and riders "to act appropriately and respect boundaries" and exercise "human kindness" during each ride.

"This conduct has no place on our platform and we're reviewing the matter," an Uber spokeswoman said in an emailed statement.

The driver does appear to be suffering from a psychological illness, perhaps a chemical problem. Intermittent explosive disorder (sometimes abbreviated as IED) is a behavioral disorder characterized by explosive outbursts of anger and violence, often to the point of rage, that are disproportionate to the situation at hand (e.g., impulsive screaming triggered by relatively inconsequential events).

Uber Technologies Inc. is an American multinational online transportation network company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It develops, markets and operates the Uber mobile app, which allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request which is then routed to Uber drivers who use their own cars.

Uber driver video "Get out of my car!!"

Uber was founded as "UberCab" by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in 2009 and the app was released the following June. Beginning in 2012, Uber expanded internationally. As of May 2016, the service was available in over 66 countries and 449 cities worldwide. Since Uber's launch, several other companies have replicated its business model, a trend that has come to be referred to as "Uberification".

In 2014, it experimented with carpooling features and made other updates. Klout ranked the San Francisco-based company as the 48th-most powerful company in America in 2014.

By late-2015, Uber was estimated to be worth $62.5 billion. It has become a symbol of the new "sharing economy."

The legality of Uber has been challenged by governments and taxi companies, who allege that its use of drivers who are not licensed to drive taxicabs is unsafe and illegal.


Reader Comments

Charles writes:

IronboundMike, sandpie, Rights09, and Swut. Are you guys serious? You don't know at all what happened before the recording. We know that she ignored everything he said and was more than likely very demeaning towards him. He had every right to talk to the chick that way. He told her to leave his car multiples times, yet she didn't. He literally said administration was RIGHT THERE, lady just go to administration and you'll find the ER. IronboundMike, wrong, passengers are NOT customers, they're passengers and nothing more. Sandpie, he DID say over there fyi. Rights09 let the her find it herself, he did his job. He wouldn't kill someone, he didn't physically assault her. Swut, the chick is the stupid one, you don't care what happened before? She could have hit him FYI. Imbeciles...

Shama writes:

IronBoundMike defends invasion of privacy and trespassing. filming and refusal to leave the private vehicle of a driver after being asked to leave and not consenting to being filmed inside of their own property is a privacy violation. Knowing that Uber has relieved the driver for this passenger sourced harassment has weakened their public image to anyone who knows the full story of this encounter.

kameron writes:

that uber driver doesnt have mental issues. dont take sides for that lady. she was pushing him to his limit. although i would probably have called uber to complain about my passenger, some people handle things differently. now hes labeled as a psycho....she was pushing his buttons, trying to get him to beat her so she can sue him and uber to get money...

IronboundMike writes:

Business 101: The customer is always right. This partner is a failure and should be fired. Free ride for the customer; anger management for the driver.

Lizzar writes:

She sounds like a brat and clearly was pushing his buttons before this point and kept doing it for almost 3 more minutes. She must not have been in that much of a hurry to get to the E.R if she had time to sit there and antagonize this man. Uber drivers are not tour guides, how the hell was he suppose to know where the lady was suppose to go when she herself didn't?

IronboundMike writes:

The driver was very unprofessional. He was paid to drive her to the ER entrance, which he did not. He was completly out of line and should be fired.

TheTruthHurts writes:

This lady clearly wanted to play the victim by recording this man after she had clearly p***ed him off to the point where he's yelling at her like any other person Would if they had a person in their car that they didn't want in their car.

Golftango writes:

I don't blame him. Whatever led up to his outburst has been slyly left out. She sounds condensing and appears to have pushing his buttons. Point me to my destination? He's not a tour guide, she's just being annoying. And when someone asks you to get out of their car, you oblige.

IronboundMike writes:

No 5 stars for you. Don't you dare ask for tip. She will get that trip for free and he will be permanently deactivated.

Skydog96 writes:

F**k whoever wrote this article. This guy did litteraly nothing wrong, except not force the dumb b**ch out of his car

IronboundMike writes:

This 'partner' forgot the first rule of business: the customer is always right.

StewPidassil writes:

Shocking. Oh, look, a penny. (Rideshare Driving - Exposed)

AshfordSimpson writes:

Anyone who's ever done a customer service job understands people like the woman behind the film. Ignorance is no excuse, why do people think that saying, I don't know, absolves them of all personal responsibility. I'm almost positive this hospital has a sign or group of every hospital. Ever.

niceguy writes:

I dont have to watch the video to know that this c*@% was pushing his buttons throughout the ride to the hospital. That's not how nice Uber passengers get dropped off. When the driver arrives at your requested destination and you are no longer paying for his or her time you must exit the vehicle. Your driver shouldn't have to repeatedly tell you to leave. It's funny that this pendeja is a Lyft driver...

sandpie writes:

This guy was angry from the get go. Im sorry but i dont care dumb you think she is, it doesnt give him the right to be that rude. All he had to do was say over there and be done with it. This guy should be a trucker with that mouth. No customer service skills what so ever. shouldnt be doing any job dealing with the public

Hac writes:

I agree with the driver. This lady seems like a dumb a** . Just get out the car lady, it's clear your at the hospital. #stupidpeople

Vee writes:

If you believe that the driver was in the wrong, you are just as stupid as the woman in the video. She provoked him to the point where he got extremely angry and then pulled out her phone and recorded the whole thing hoping to get everyone to be on her side. She made him wait and then tried to rush him to the hospital and when he got there, she played stupid as if she didn't know where the hospital was and as if her phone couldn't help her find the way, or a dang street sign. And the car being his own property, she should have gotten out of the car the FIRST time he told her to. And the fact she kept asking repeatedly where her destination was even after he ALREADY told her, shows that she's getting a kick out of his reaction and was obviously hoping he would lay a hand on her so she could claim assault.

Emo writes:

He asked her to exit HIS vehicle, and she REFUSED to get out. How is he wrong? We have no idea what happened BEFORE the video began. Regardless, if I tell you Get out of my'd better Get Out period!!!! How you gonna refuse to get out of someone else's car? If you gave me an address and I arrived there, our business is done!

theubertruth writes:

I think the writer of this article needs to drive for uber for a month before they even comment on what happened here and make their biased coddled judgements.

Rights09 writes:

He is sick,he was not supposed to be a driver. Why he is keep yellingand screaming like that. If it's not the side of the hospital just turn and put the customer in the right side. There is any problem with that. And if she is not a good customer give her a bad score and he will never take her again. Why he is screaming like that,it's clear he is sick,he is supposed to be in psychiatric right now. She wants to go to the emergency room there many sides, many doors, just put her where she wants and go. I don't see the problem or the reason to be as he is. He is just sick,she help us to find him without that he could be continuing to work until he kill or beat someone. Because we can see clearly he is sick. Uber get rid of him ,

Yeet writes:

That lady had been provoking hik the whole time and it's obvious. She wanted a reaction and honestly seems like a vile human being. If that's the destination she is in the wrong and it was the ER so her pickiness and absolute ignorant humor provoked this situation. I hope karma hits her hard.

Wvk writes:

The lady provoked him the whole ride and tried to play the victim for the camera. Her actions were disgusting.

Fhhhgg writes:

She is an idiot. Her destination is over, Just get out.

Swut writes:

Uber should let us know this guy is gone. I don't care what happened before the video: He was out of control and appeared to be threatening physical violence. I might have given him some leeway when (at first) it looks like he was going to call the police, but then he stopped and went nuts. Also, it sounds like she was pretty clear that she wanted the emergency room. My real question is how Uber works when it takes you to the wrong place (e.g., a hospital admin building rather than the emergency room). My guess is that the driver isn't going to get paid more. That, or this driver was actually the stupid one who could not figure out that a hospital might have different entrances and that not all entrances were equal.

Stew writes:

*Yawn* (Rideshare Driving - Exposed)


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