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Trump Explains Movie Plots Trends on Twitter

Can you guess which movies these Trump is referring to?


August 20, 2016

Yes that's really Donald Trump with McCauley Caulkin in Home Alone II. The Donald and his wife also did a cameo appearance in fresh Prince of Bel Air .

Donald Trump and his family have appeared in a number of movies and TV shows. Of course there is The Apprentice , a reality TV show. In addition he did a cameo in Home Alone II, and also appeared in fresh Prince of Bel Air with his wife at the time, Ivana.

#TrumpExplainsMoviePlots is trending on Twitter. Here are 140 character summaries of movies. Can you guess which movies these reference?

1. The Lovely Bones: I'll Save you some time. She's Dead, folks. Dead as a doornail.

2. Lincoln picks judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people--maybe there is. I don't know.

3. Beautiful women, Miss USA types, bleeding from who knows here, kill their generous benefactor. #MadMaxFuryRoad

4. It's the one about China. I LOVE china.

5. We're going to build a StarKiller base! It's going to be big, it's going to be fantastic. It'll be great, folks.

6. Immigrants and their kids cause all the crime in this country.

7. A wealthy businessman falls in love with a prostitute and doesn't kick her to the curb. SAD!

8. It's amazing. This huge ship hits this amazing iceberg. Must have been sent by SISI. I'm telling you, it was huge!

9. Titanic went down because of all the illegals on the bottom decks

10. A princess is captured by Darth Vader. She's a loser for getting caught. I don't respect her for needing rescue

11. It's about this Indian broad, but like a real Indian. Not a goofy Elizabeth Warren type Indian

12. Look at ME helping a homeless kid. I made this Movie GREAT again. I should've won an Oscar.

13. A Mexican shark, i hear some are good, attacks people who can't afford yachts. Very sad ...

14. So this kid ends up in New York City. Alone! Ends up in the Plaza Hotel. I own it. I'm in the movie. It stars me.

15. Listen, folks. Japan is in real trouble. Nice people. Big lizard problem though. Huge. Ruining the market. Sad.

16. A weak liberal tricks 11 guys into letting a Hispanic criminal go free. Sad.

17. Fish girl makes a terrible deal with Rosie ODonnell. Maybe she's not allowed to talk. Sad.

18. A great ship - The best ship! Illegal Immigrants steer it into an iceberg by Irish dancing

19. A bunch of nines with a couple twos form a team and beat other girls. I could beat them.

20. Voldemort, great guy. Ridding the magic world of immigrants. Crooked Harry can't be trusted #MakeHogwartsGreatAgain #TrumpExplainsMoviePlots


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2Girls writes:

Appreciate the press, but would've been better if you showed the actual tweets or at least gave credit to those who wrote them. If you did, I would've shared your article on twitter.


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