FBI Concludes Investigation of Clinton E Mails, Won't Recommend Charges

James Comey says conclusions reached in July, won't change; no charges to be recommended


November 8, 2016

Sunday, 11/06/2016; 2 days before election day, FBI director James Comey announced in a letter to Congress, that he had finished his 10 day review of the 650,000 new e mails found on Anthony Weiner's laptop, downloaded apparently from Huma Abedin's iPhone in 2013. Comey confirmed the conclusion that he reached in July, saying "We're glad that this matter is now resolved."

Today's decision was as much of a stunner as the Friday, October 28th decision to reopen the investigation. On July 28, 2016 Director Comey had informed Congress he had recommended no charges be filed.

Donald Trump made a play for Minnesota voters. No Republican presidential candidate has taken Minnesota since 1972. Showing up and attempting to take Minnesota was either a "Hail Mary" pass, or a sign of confidence, depending on one's perspective.

"He cleared her once, he cleared her again, this is over," said Congressman Debbie Dingle (D), appearing on MSNBC. "A lot of people didn't understand why he (reopened) it. He stands by what happened this summer. I think there may have been some damage done over the last 10 days, but I'm going to focus on the future of this country.

"I have to say I think there's a sign of relief from the Clinton Campaign," said NBC's Kasie Hunt, who broke the story. "The Clinton campaign had been carefully emphasizing the unimportance of this news. Reality is this did have an impact on the tenor fo the Clinton Campaign itself. She thought there had been something to it, and there's been this sense of brave determination. But my impression is this allows them to move forward, and repeat what they've been saying all along. It lets them clear the air a little bit. But I'm not sure it changes the plan. There's just one full day of campaigning left."

"We were always confident nothing would change in Director Comey's recommendation (not to prosecute) would change," tweeted Clinton's campaign director.

"Then why did you, your colleagues, and your candidate attack Comey and his credibility?" Tweeted Kellyanne Conway, Trump's campaign director, in response.


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