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By Stan Greene
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Putin, Wendi Deng Will Attend Trump Inauguration in Wash. DC on January 20

In the Shadow of Trump's unlikely Win, The Planet's ultimate power couple, Putin and Deng, are ready to go public with their romance.


November 24, 2016

Photo from a Chinese website, supposedly of Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin and Wendi Deng Murdoch. Obviously, it's photoshopped. The couple have denied the relationship, and it's doubtful Putin would've allowed a photo of them to be taken before they go public when they attend the Inauguration together in DC in January.

In the shadow of Trump's unlikely election victory, the earth's ultimate power couple, Vladimir Putin and Wendi Deng, are ready to go public with their romance. It's no secret that Putin assisted the US President-elect through Wikileaks. Why not take this moment to share the spotlight and come clean? It's time for some transparency, Vlad and Wendi!

Russian President Vladimir Putin is a 19th century thinker, when it comes to great powers and their right to dominate their neighbors. He blames Ronald Reagan's military buildup for the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, which he, Putin, calls "The greatest geo political catastrophe of all time." However, he does not hold a grudge against the US, and has quietly made plans to watch his friend Donald Trump be sworn in as the United States' 45th President.

As we have previously reported, one fascinating woman connects not just Putin and Trump, but also Rupert Murdoch. Wendi Deng was previously married to Murdoch and has 2 children by him. She left him for British Prime Minister Tony Blair (Blair denies it). Then she dated Google founder Eric Schmidt ("no comment").

More recently, Deng has been romantically linked to the Russian President; which sounds crazy, but also makes sense. Deng also hangs out with Ivanka Trump-- the two were even photographed recently, on a shopping trip to Paris.

One Chinese news site says Deng and Putin have wedding plans. Marriage is doubtful. The couple already have families, and it would just be too complicated. But going public would stop tongues from wagging, as they say in China. For example, after Prince Charles and Camilla went public, the gossip ceased.

Wendi made some phone calls, and got Vlad an invitation to the Inauguration. "Is it really necessary for me to hate Putin?" asked Trump rhetorically during the campaign.

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was much criticized during the 2012 US Presidential election for saying that the greatest geo-political threat to the US and the West, was Russia. Romney now looks prescient. Since 2012, Russia has violated the most important rule of post World War II Europe: Don't invade your neighbors. Russia took parts of Eastern Ukraine, as well as the Crimea, in military actions thinly disguised as local rebellions.

Ivanka Trump and Wendi Deng, who introduced Ivanka to Jared Kushner, her husband.

Romney emerged from exile in a coastal mansion in La Jolla, California, in order to denounce Donald Trump. "Donald Trump is a fraud, a phony, a fake, whose promises are worth no more than a degree of Trump University," said Romney. Appointing Romney as Secretary of State will be a bone to throw critics who say the billionaire is too close to the Russian potentate.

One final note: Deng introduced Jared Kushner to Ivanka Trump, reports the UK Independent. "When Mr. Kushner and Miss Trump's relationship was on the rocks, they were reunited thanks to Miss Deng, who invited the pair – separately – onto their yacht for a holiday." and saved their relationship.

CNBC has reported that Romney as Secretary of State is practically a done deal, and will be announced as early as Monday. Deng and Putin, who have denied their relationship, will attend Trump's inauguration as the world's ultimate power couple. This according to President Putin's itinerary.


Reader Comments

Codeseven58 writes:

This has to be one of the worst photoshop attempts I've ever seen. This *news agency* has got to be one of the biggest jokes I've ever come across. And this article has got to be the most fake article I've aeen since NBC was claiming Hillary was actually anything actuall worth voting for...


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