Donald Trump crosses 270 electoral vote threshold and will be the next president

Six "Faithless electors" vote for someone else, the most in a century. But 4 deserted Hillary Clinton


December 21, 2016

Despite being lobbied, only six electors changed their vote--and four of them were Democrats who were supposed to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Despite a Hollywood campaign urging republican electors to jump ship, Donald Trump cross the 270 electoral vote threshold this afternoon at 1:40 PM local time.Trump obtained the required 270 electoral votes to become president, it was announced today.

The electoral balloting in Texas put Trump over the majority threshold, according to a tally by the Associated Press. A campaign by leftists and those in Hollywood, had urged electors to turn against the Republican party nominee.

In the end, however, more Democrats than Republicans split with their party. Two Republican and four Democratic electors voted for someone other than Clinton, while two Republicans turned their backs on Trump.

Bret Chiafalo, 38, of Everett, Washington, was one of three electors from his state to vote for Colin Powell, a former Republican secretary of state, rather than Clinton, saying he believed Powell was better suited for the job than Trump.

The founding fathers "said the electoral college was not to elect a demagogue, was not to elect someone influenced by foreign powers, was not to elect someone who is unfit for office. Trump fails on all three counts, unlike any candidate we've ever seen in American history," Chiafalo said in a interview.


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