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California Vineyard Introduces New Endangered-Wine Label and Mission on Earth Day

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April 27, 2017

Endangered-Wine proto types of cabernet and Chardonnay wine and lifestyle label and mission.

Endangered-Wine proudly announces the launch of its new label of select wines from the fertile grounds of Northern California.

Endangered-Wine grew from Founders Peter Crowley's and Bill Seet's extreme concern for our planet and all its life forms. The rapid mass extinction of an enormous number of animal species looms before us, due to habitat loss, climate change, poaching and disease. Endangered-Wine supports the preservation of several dangerously endangered animals including the Northern Right Whale (350 remaining), Siberian Tiger (500 remaining), Hawaiian Monk Seal (1,000 remaining), Vaquita Porpoise (30 remaining), Western Lowland Gorilla (200 remaining), Amur Leopard (20 remaining), and the Javan Rhinoceros (40 to 60 remaining).

The Endangered-Wine label was created with the hope that, through exposure, we can raise awareness and be a voice for the majestic animals that have none. 99% of all profits earned from Endangered-Wine go to support wildlife preservation.

Award-winning winemaker Jason McConnell says:

"When you happen to have the Russian River flowing through your backyard, you're already starting with some of the best soil that Mother Nature can provide.

"Our job here at Endangered-Wine is to grow the best fruit we can in the vineyard. With excellent fruit, we can employ a minimalist approach to achieve the finest wine. We adopted this protocol from the beginning and we intend to follow it into the future. Best of Show & Double Gold Medal wines the way Mother Nature intended!"

Co-Founder Bill Seet says:

"One day, a few months ago, Peter came to me with an idea to build a brand and design a label for Jason's wine. I happened to be watching a Nature documentary at the time and was distraught over what I was seeing: the mass extinction of animals that had no power or voice.

"I began thinking of this branding project as a way to raise awareness for an urgent issue, envisioning the project as a way to drink for a good cause, expose people to Jason's fantastic wine while supporting endangered wildlife, a win-win. That's how the concept of the Endangered-Wine brand came to be."

Co-Founder Peter Crowley says:

"I am gravely concerned about our planet, and the treatment of animals that share it with us. Species are becoming extinct at a phenomenal rate. If something is not done now, we will lose them forever.

"When Bill came to me with the Endangered-Wine concept, I agreed wholeheartedly. I saw a chance to combine our love for making wine, with our vision to promote awareness and raise much-needed funds for something that is dear to our hearts: the preservation of animals on this planet."

Endangered-Wine will launch its label at the EARTHDAY festival this Saturday, to honor the Earth and all its life forms. Endangered-Wine will be offering an Incredible 2013 Cabernet and 2014 Chardonnay throughout this year, available online at and at select stores.


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