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Local Resident Ed Moosbrugger Suffers Brain Disability, Meningoencephalitis

Family appeals for help as father of three is stricken with a disability.


Ed Moosbrugger and his family on vacation in Las Vegas

My younger brother, Ed Moosbrugger, is suffering from Meningoencephalitis," writes his brother, also named Ed Moosbrubber, who formerly covered sports for the Santa Monica Outlook, and the University High School Warrior." Moosbrugger continues about his brother last November.

This is a brain swelling causing complete disability. He has been hospitalized since November 30. Ed is an independent contractor, a master carpenter, and his family's sole bread winner for his wife and three boys, including one in grade school. His wife Danielle has spent her days at his side at St. John's hospital.

A Go Fund Me page has been created for Ed and his family.

Income has stopped completely for the family since Mid-November. They do not know from where money will come for the mounting medical bills, medical insurance and household basics. He will be sent to acute rehab for weeks before going home to recuperate, which could take six months. He requires 24 hour care for the lengthy brain recovery. The entire extended family is helping, but has been hit hard in recent months, as our mother Julie passed away, and our father suffered a heart attack shortly afterwards, requiring many family hours for his rehabilitation and also 24 hour care. Though Ed has two sisters and one brother, we are short man power and funds. Christmas is coming with no income for the basics, let alone presents for the three boys, which will especially impact the youngest, 9 years old, who looks forward to Santa's visits, and is being forced to grow up much too soon.

There is no income for car payments, gas, food, and other basics. Ed's two oldest sons are in community college while holding down the house with the help of family. We've applied for every available program, and some of them may provide a small amount of relief if approved.

Meanwhile, your donations will go to living needs, Ed's care, medical insurance, transportation costs, and pain management, while the family pools together to cover shelter and food costs. It is not easy to ask for help, and we thank you for reading. Please pray for a speedy recovery, and please help us take care of this family during a difficult ordeal.

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