GBK Premiere Oscar Gifting Event


March 15, 2018

GBK Premiere Oscar Gifting Event

This Award season, GBK, the veteran Luxury Lifestyle Gifting and special events company honored the 2018 Academy Award Nominees and Presenters by hosting its Annual Nominees and presents Luxury Oscar gifting lounge. Held at gorgeous studio space nestled in Beverly Hills, appropriately so,

this year the guests were treated to a lavish array of gifts and services.

This Awards season saw luxury lifestyle brands being showcased such as:

One of the Title sponsors, ADM- Asia Design Management Forum is partnering with GBK to bring Chinese products to the U.S. market, and offering celebrities a 4-night stay at a 5-star hotel, as well as a VIP Experience during their ADM Conference in China later in November.

Safi Kalima Tanzanite known for their finest bracelets and necklaces studded with diamonds and precious stones with all of their brilliance. They were gifting beautiful tanzanite necklaces.

Artisan Group- a regular at GBK gifting lounges was present as well and showcased a number of incredible creations by jewelers and artisans not just in the us but Internationally as well.

One of the title sponsers, GE were present with their latest product, GE Lighting's C by GE Sol- an all-in-one smart light with a sleek modern design that has the features, functionality, and voice control of Amazon Alexa. All the lucky guests got to take one home with them.

For the more spiritual and new age guests, the Healing Salt Cave Halotherapy Wellness Centre and Holistic Spa were present. They are a Wellness Centre that offers various types of salt therapies and holistic treatments for an all body rejuvenating and relaxation experience. They were gifting a visit to one of their healing salt caves in the US.

Another very unique gift came from the PinnLLC, Bluetooth-enabled Pinn clips anywhere and its easy-to-read LED display and powerful combined microphone/ear bud keep you always connected to your mobile phone's key features.

For all the fitness buffs at the event comes innovative fitness product called Shapa. Shapa is a display free scale with unique combination of novel hardware and consumer/enterprise platform with a user-friendly app to analyze, track and motivate the insured person and the entire family toward healthy lifestyle changes. The guests went home with a Shapa device of their own.

Nanoceutical Solutions is an FDA Registered Nanoceutical manufacturing company that produces the highest quality of Oral Nutraceutical, Vitamin, and Supplement products improving the quality of life for our customers by unlocking the true potential of Nanotechnology. They gifted a bottle of this incredible health supplement.

Woodchuck USA was founded with a simple mission, to put nature back into peoples' lives. They were present gifting one of kind beautiful wood- based merchandise, customized with on-site engraving.

A most unique gift came from "My Sky Moment"- an exact depiction of what the night sky looked like on the exact date and at the exact location of your significant event. This Sky map allows for your most important memories to live on forever. Guests were gifted with a personalized printout of their significant moment in time.

Texere Silk, is a Connecticut-based global sourcing company offering apparel, accessories, and home goods made from natural, renewable plant resources. TexereSilk gifted 100% silk pillowcases and a voucher for one free item from their website.

Award season gift events are rarely complete without an exotic vacation resort getaway for the guests. This year was no different and the GBK event saw exotic Resorts on offer. The first gift was from NICA Travel. They were gifting 3-Days, 2-Nights in the historical city of Granada at Hotel Plaza Colon for two people, including boat tour and Island hopping at the archipelago of Lake Nicaragua. This will no doubt rejuvenate and recharge in a nurturing and gentle environment.

Swanky Retreats Magazine partnered up with multiple locations to treat the celebrities with the gift of relaxation and travel. The Hilton Puerto Vallarta is gifting two-nights at their all-inclusive resort set amidst the Bay of Banderas beaches, one of Puerto Vallarta's most iconic locations as well as a choice of 2-night luxury stays in Portugal.

Surfair, a luxury Jet Charter company thrilled guests by gifting a round trip, private jet charter anywhere in California.

With all this travel, one needs to have some rest and relaxation as well! The Woodhouse SPA is a 5-star luxury spa and was gifting guests with a one of a kind SPA experience - a spacation at their Arbor Lake location.

Other wonderful gifts include Dagoma USA, with their easy to use 3D printer for the whole family, Comra Palm- a simple and effective personal device for your health needs, based on established medical technology, Bar None Foods with their clean, wholesome bars, Bopulent with their gorgeous jewelry collections and Living in Gratitude today, with their Gratitude T-Shirts and affirmation bracelets.

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