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West Los Angeles experiences widespread power outages, Record Heat

Some residents have been without power since 9 PM Friday, in 100 degrees

West Los Angeles is experiencing a widespread power outage, residents say, coinciding with the hottest temperature in 2018. One resident of veteran just north of Olympic says that his family has been without power since 9 PM Friday night, July 6, 2018.

A resident of Camden Avenue south of Olympic says the power went out Saturday morning and has been off for several hours. Los Angeles city Department of water and power has given no indication of when power might be restored.

Meanwhile, the temperature in west Los Angeles achieved 100° last night, and is expected to top out in the upper 90s Saturday.

Over 2000 residents were evacuated from Goleta Friday night due to a brushfire. Santa Barbara County residents were moved afterauthority is declared a local emergency.


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