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JP Morgan Chase Bank Experiences Broad Outage in California

Chase denies that there is an issue, but many customers are unable to obtain true balances.

4/22/19: Chase Bank is apparently experiencing a regional outage in California, where customers are unable to obtain their true balances or do online banking.

Several websites which track outages, such as, have consumer reports of being unable to use ATMs and the like.

"April 15, 2019. Chase ATM was down, not able to withdraw money but they still deduct from my account. I also cannot get through to a phone representative until after 3 calls attempts waited for at least 30 minutes on April 15. In addition, IRS cannot debit from my account via direct pay website stating my account is invalid." writes one customer named Ariel.

Another customer named Jack wrote: "Can't long in via app. Won't let me access for days saying error with accessing. Finally managed to login via browser after changing password. And it says I have to call to inquire account information because their web is down. What the hell is going on? Why isn't there more news feed on these? Seems like lot of people are having same problem?"

On March 5, @chasesupport seemed to acknowledge a problem. They tweeted: "We know some customers are having trouble accessing the mobile app and our website. We want to let you know that we are working on it. Thank you for your patience."

On the other hand, different departments seem to deny the problem. Chase online, the auto response is: "Hello! There don't appear to be any issues at this time. Try clearing your cache/cookies and make sure your browser is up to date before making another attempt. We can also help set this up by phone at 1-877-242-7372. We hope this helps."


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