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"Resist:" Temporary Closure Signs at Palisades Park Tagged as people are clearly tired of the shutdown.

Neighborhood parks are open but regional parks are closed and Santa Monica is sick of it.

We are now in our sixth week of Coronavirus shutdown and here in Santa Monica, residents are clearly developing cabin fever. People are traveling to Orange County on the weekends to go to beaches because Los Angeles County beaches are closed.

Meanwhile Los Angeles County has an infection rate of .03% and a death rate of 0.005% due to Covid-19. When will this all end?

Some people say it will end when we get sick of it and stop the authoritarianism leadership of LA county and California. The issue of whether to remain locked down or resist has taken on a clear Progressive v. Conservative tone. "Trust the government, they know better than we do," say the political Progressives, who after all, run California's major cities.

"Well if more than one person came to vandalize the sign, I sure hope that they stayed 6 ft apart and maintained social distancing" said one local wag.

On Monday, YouTube removed a video of two frontline California doctors challenging lockdown from an ABC News affiliate's page, citing a violation of the platform's "community guidelines." They doubted in scientific terms if we were truly "Safer at Home," arguing that only by interacting can we develop herd immunity to Covid-19.


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