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The Daily Santa Monica Crime and Drug Video - April 19, 2024

A chronicle by the Santa Monica Coalition of the truth about life on our streets

Santa Monica's City Council thinks the city is just fine. One councilmember called the homeless residents our neighbors, their wants and desires equivalent to those of people who pay rent and pay taxes. The 'freedom' of some, most of whom suffer from drug addiction and mental illness, to live in filth, disease and to commit crimes with impunity, is valued over the ability of the rest of society to live healthy lives in law and order.

Watch the videos shot and distributed by the Santa Monica Coalition, a different one each day, to see what is actually happening in a city that is no longer a magnet for tourists and shoppers.

The Santa Monica Coalition is a movement comprised of Santa Monica residents, business owners, and locals that addresses the humanitarian crisis, public safety concerns, the rising crime, and the current lack of responsiveness from the City of Santa Monica.

April 19 2024 Santa Monica Coalition Mini Documentary

Our SANTA MONICA City Manager and leaders are not proactive...sadly, reactive. All talk but no action. Our new Metro Security composed of defenseless 'ambassadors', are not up to the job. Every night 60 to 90 addicted men and women who decide not to exit the Metro's last stop in Santa Monica will wander into Downtown and our Parks, where they will use and sell drugs, then pass out in buildings, storefronts and alleyways alongside our 3rd Street Promenade. Many arrive with directions to our 3 Downtown Parks, where they will be met with free needles.


Reader Comments(3)

Jack writes:

To the citizens of Venice & Santa Monica, you get the environment you voted for. Want better ? Then vote your representatives out !

donthaveone writes:

The promenade should be filled with people shopping and eating but it's a ghost town! So sad how they have ruined our Santa Monica!

SurfLawyer writes:

I've been reading the Observer for years. I've come to like these daily crime videos. The other items I can see in many sites, but this is great.