Week of March 1, 2024

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BREAKING NEWS: Men's Counterfeit Purchases Double That of Women According to British Study

February 29, 2024, Los Angeles, CA – A recent study by the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) sheds light on a concerning trend: men are the primary buyers of counterfeit goods. The study surveyed 1,000 men aged 16 to 60 who are active on social media at least once a week. Comparisons were drawn with a previous study focused on 1000 female consumers conducted in 2021. The findings indicate that men are twice as likely as women to purchase counterfeit items. Specifically, 35...

Beach Warnings for Los Angeles County February 28, 2024

LA Department of Public Health

February 28, 2024 Beach Closure and Ocean Water Use Warning for Los Angeles County Beaches The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health cautions residents who are planning to visit the below Los Angeles County beaches to avoid swimming, surfing, and playing in ocean waters: BEACH AREAS CLOSURE: The following site continues to remain closed due to a recent sewage discharge: Inner Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro The entire beach area. BEACH AREA WARNINGS: Santa Monica Canyon Creek at Will...

California Voters Prepare to Dump Progressive Voter Reform Initiative called Proposition 47

David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer

A proposed ballot initiative that would reverse California's Prop. 47, has gathered 400,000 signatures, about 2/3rds of the number needed to put it on the ballot. "Proposition 47, was passed by tragically misinformed voters in 2014, and flagrantly titled "The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act" by then Attorney General Kamala Harris," say the measures proponents. "It reduced a host of serious felonies to misdemeanors, including drug crimes, date rape, and all thefts under $950, even for repeat...

BREAKING NEWS: LA Art Show 2024 Presented A Marvelous Opening Night Premiere Party On Valentine's Day, 2024 , hosted by actress Lucy Hale

Rachel Ganz, Observer Staff Writer

On Wednesday February 14, 2024 the LA Art Show, LA's largest and longest-running art fair, presented an extraordinary Opening Night Premiere Party on Valentine's Day, hosted by award-winning actress Lucy Hale, benefiting LA Art Show's new charity partner, American Heart Association, which received 15% of ticket sales in support of the organization's Life is Why Campaign. "The Life is Why Campaign" is a program whose purpose is to inspire people to commit themselves to lives of longevity and...

BREAKING NEWS: Santa Monica is Broke. 28% of sales tax is generated downtown, an area with a now-45% vacancy rate

John Alle

Tuesday evening February 20th I attended the Santa Monica City Council's Audit Sub-Committee Meeting. The Audit Subcommittee is not a City commission or board. It is supposed to provide an alternative way for employees, taxpayers or other citizens to confidentially report suspected illegal, improper, wasteful or fraudulent activity and provide periodic review and selection of external auditors. It is supposed to act in an 'advisory' capacity and review all City audit reports, analyze their...

BREAKING NEWS: Springtime in Vienna for Council Member Gleam Davis at Taxpayer Expense

Sid Baker, Special to the Observer

(Editor’s note: Gleam Davis is not termed out and could run for one more term). Gleam Davis will term out on the City Council this year. Why are Santa Monica taxpayers paying to send a lame duck Council Member to Vienna, Austria for a week in April for a housing conference? Find out (or not) when the City Council addresses the Budget at its Tuesday, February 27 meeting. ____ Nobody else could go? But the City is already sending Council Member Torosis. Is Caroline’s attendance not adequate?...

BREAKING NEWS: Reestablish a Lawful Community: Elect Jonathan Hatami for Los Angeles County District Attorney

Alyssa Erdley, Observer Staff

February 1, 2024 - Can you imagine Santa Monica without drug addicts exposing themselves while you're waiting for a bus? Where vagrants are not allowed to take up residence in your garage? Where those who commit retail theft actually get charged and go to jail? Jonathan Hatami can imagine that. A veteran of the United States Armed Forces and a Los Angeles County prosecutor for the past seventeen years, Hatami is running for District Attorney, the job George Gascon has abdicated since taking the...

BREAKING NEWS: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Trump's $355 million fine

Susan Shelley, Special to the Observer

Let me tell you about the time Ruth Bader Ginsburg saved Donald Trump $355 million plus interest. It was Feb. 20, 2019, and Justice Ginsburg delivered the opinion of the court in the case of Timbs v. Indiana. In that case, police in Indiana had seized Tyson Timbs' Land Rover SUV, which he bought for $42,000 with money he received from a life insurance policy when his dad died. The state sought civil forfeiture of the vehicle because Timbs had pleaded guilty to drug dealing and conspiracy to...

  • BREAKING NEWS: J. Ivy Hosts Poetry Uncut Part III, Feb. 17 Featuring Def Sound and Sunni Patterson

    Selena Hughes, Guest Post

    On Saturday, February 17th, Poetry Uncut, a four-part series of curated poetry and music, continued with Poetry Uncut: Part III as Grammy Award-winning artist J. Ivy hosts an evening with performances by Los Angeles artist Def Sound and the poet and author Sunni Patterson. The evening also featured Emmy Award-winning DJ Niéna Drake. It opened with Get Lit, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit working to increase literacy, empower youth, and energize communities through poetry. This special night was...

  • BREAKING NEWS: Heart Break Anonymous, The Talk Circle You Didn't Know You Needed

    Selena Hughes, Guest Post

    Heartbreak!! We've all been there at some point in our lives. Maybe it was with that perfect someone who got away, or you got fired from your dream job, and if that wasn't enough, a long-time friend calls it quits unannounced. Life happens! While venting and crying to a friend is expected, you can give them a break because there's a new friend in town. This friend is a stranger who's ready and willing to help you navigate your difficult time, all without judgment and all by just listening. I'm...

  • BREAKING NEWS: Toxin Free Pets at the Lighthouse Church

    What Matters West LA

    Our pets are suffering from an explosion of cancer, heart disease, arthritis and other chronic health challenges. The pharmaceutical industry controls veterinary industry standards and protocols just as it does in our own health care. Love for our furry family members is manipulated to further their own agenda resulting in over-medicalization and undesirable side effects, causing additional illnesses for our beloved pets. What Matters West L.A. Presents: Integrative Veterinary Care Lighthouse...

  • The Daily Santa Monica Crime and Drug Video - February 29, 2024

    Santa Monica Coalition

    Santa Monica's City Council thinks the city is just fine. One councilmember called the homeless residents and neighbors, their wants and desires equivalent to those of people who pay rent and pay taxes. The 'freedom' of some, most of whom suffer from drug addiction and mental illness, to live in filth, disease and to commit crimes with impunity, is valued over the ability of the rest of society to live healthy lives in law and order. Watch the videos shot and distributed by the Santa Monica...

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