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  • Santa Monica City Council Considers Bitcoin and Hemmati Says No Way

    Houman David Hemmati MD PhD, Special to the Observer|Jul 14, 2024

    Dear Mayor Brock and Members of the City Council, I am writing to you today as a concerned citizen of Santa Monica and a PhD scientist and MIT-trained chemical engineer. Last night's decision to establish a Bitcoin Office within our city deeply concerns me, and I feel compelled to share the significant risks and adverse impacts associated with this initiative. My primary concerns revolve around the financial instability of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as the severe environmental...

  • Santa Monica's Mayor Phil Brock Was Attacked On The Promenade, Now He's Pretending Like Santa Monica Is Safe

    Adnan Safadi, Special to the Observer|Jul 9, 2024

    Lots of news outlets are now covering how unsafe Santa Monica is because of the Santa Monica Coalition's sign on the promenade. The Santa Monica Coalition's sign says "Santa Methica Is Not Safe. Our City Manager Supports the Needle & Meth Pipe Distribution Program In Our Parks and Public Spaces." Santa Monica's Mayor Phil Brock recently did a TV interview where he said that "Most of Santa Monica is always safe." Here's the interview: ( There's a big...

  • Dangerous Madness: The New Face of Santa Monica

    Arthur Jeon, Special to the Observer|Jul 1, 2024

    June 25, 2024 Dear Council, Hate to hit you two days in a row, but this sociopath was arrested after attempting to rape a 17 year-old girl at the beach, strangling her until she lost consciousness and breaking her nose. He then attempted to rape and drown another woman, a homeless woman who is a hero that seems in real need of our services, who came to the girl's aid. Victim 3 was a 73 year-old tourist from Montreal who also intervened and was robbed of a necklace and dragged 40 feet in another...

  • Here's How to Find the Money to Hire More Police Officers in Santa Monica

    Arthur Jeon, Special to the Observer|Jul 1, 2024

    Dear Council, The city is broke! We are told the council must choose between paving our alleys or hiring more police, as crime, addiction, disorder, and mental illness has become our new brand. (Just in the last couple weeks, tourists have been stabbed, robbed, or had their windshield shattered as they entered the city-welcome!). This immigrant, whose dream was to graduate from a pushcart to a store in SM, in six months has been robbed twice on the 3rd street promenade. Watch the heartbreaking...

  • Response to Santa Monica Mayor Brock and Vice-mayor Lana Negrete Accompanying Distribution of Drug Paraphernalia

    John Alle, Santa Monica Coalition|Jun 25, 2024

    Mayor Brock left Reed Park after 45 min. I watched from my car, and did not enter Reed Park. Brock approached me as I was sitting in my car, said he was hungry, and going to lunch. Brock's comments about the Venice Family Clinic in Tongva Park are hearsay, because he was not there. While in Reed Park, Vice Mayor Negrete and a Venice Family Clinic worker were startled by an addict close behind them who began screaming a 4-letter word and waving his hands. They quickly moved on. While in Tongva...

  • Here's Why Santa Monica Police Stopped Posting Daily Public Arrest Records

    The Santa Monica Coalition|Jun 18, 2024

    SANTA MONICA now surpasses 97% of California communities of any size in the number of violent and property crimes. CRIME has increased in SANTA MONICA for the 3rd consecutive year according to SMPD. Issuance of Daily Public Arrest Records were just discontinued. Why? SANTA MONICA Police made over 5,000 (reported) calls to the 3 main PARKS visited by TOURISTS and RESIDENTS in 2023. SM Police are underfunded by the Mayor and City Council. There has been a 1 to 1 increase in criminal transient...

  • The Third Street Promenade: Is it a Fun, Safe Place for Families or Overrun by Crime and Human Degradation?

    Observer Staff and John Alle|Jun 10, 2024

    In response to Santa Monica Mayor Phil Brock uploading to Instagram a promotional video featuring the Third Street Promenade in rose-colored terms, John Alle wrote the following regrading what he and the Santa Monica Coalition he co-founded see as the ongoing and very real problems in the Santa Monica downtown area. His remarks have been edited for length. He also provided the photos, which were date and time stamped as we have recorded here. What you [Phil Brock] conveyed in your video does not...

  • DTSM Inc is a Corrupt Agency that is Contributing to the Ruination of Santa Monica's Downtown Area

    Alyssa Erdley|Jun 10, 2024

    May 29, 2024 - Downtown Santa Monica Inc, the nonprofit, quasi-governmental agency that is responsible for the cleanliness, security, and prosperity of that area, is being accused of conflict of interest among some of its board members, poor money management, and general dereliction of duty and incompetence. The borders over which DTSM assumes control are Ocean Avenue on the west, Lincoln Blvd., on the east, Wilshire Blvd. on the north, and the SM 10 Freeway on the south. A majority of its...

  • MIT President Gives Mealy-Mouthed Excuse for Finally Closing Down Pro-Gaza, Antisemitic Encampment that Violated Every Institute Rule

    Alyssa Erdley, Alumnus MIT and Observer Staff|May 27, 2024

    May 10, 2024 - Today we received a press release from Sally Kornbluth, president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, explaining why she had called police in early this morning to take down (finally) a provocative and disruptive pro-Gaza (pro-Hamas terror organization) encampment that had planted itself in the Kresge courtyard - a central point connecting the student dorms, the student center and cafeterias, and the classroom buildings. The encampment, she admits in her statement, was i...

  • A Call on City Leaders to Clean Up this Mess: Crime, Homelessness, Overpriced "Affordable" Housing and More

    Houman David Hemmati MD PhD, Special to the Observer|May 27, 2024

    Dear Mayor Brock, City Manager White, City Attorney Sloan, and Esteemed Members of the City Council, I write to you as a deeply concerned and thoroughly fed-up resident of Santa Monica. Our city, once a beacon of beauty and safety, has descended into a state of lawlessness, neglect, and mismanagement. This letter serves as a wake-up call and a declaration of intent to reclaim our community from the brink of disaster. It is inspired by a profound sense of duty and love for our home, much like...

  • While Crime and Homelessness Take Over the City, Elected Leaders Waste Time Discussing the Middle East

    Alyssa Erdley, News with Attitude|May 27, 2024

    May 15, 2024 - Last night the Santa Monica City Council devoted slightly over three hours in a 9-â…“ hour meeting to the topic of the Gaza conflict in the Middle East. Freshman councilmember Jesse Zwick had brought forward a resolution calling for a "negotiated bilateral ceasefire" in the military actions Israel is conducting to root out the terrorist organization Hamas. Hamas broke the previous ceasefire on October 7, 2023, brutally raping, torturing, and murdering Israelis and other citizens, ki...

  • Gov. Gavin Newsom's Policies are Out of Touch With the Struggles of Ordinary People

    Houman David Hemmati M.D. Ph.D., Santa Monica resident|May 24, 2024

    Governor Gavin Newsom's extreme policies are pushing Californians, and our neighbors in Arizona and Nevada, to the brink. As a vocal critic and advocate for the people, I am compelled to expose the harsh reality and devastating impact of his actions on our daily lives. 🔴 The Hard Truth: •More than 60% of California's refineries have shut down due to excessive regulations. This isn't just a statistic; it's a direct hit on our supply chain, driving prices sky-high. •California refineries supply...

  • Hey Jesse Zwick, maybe do something about this rotating encampment of mentally ill and addicted people before you tackle the Middle East?

    Arthur Jeon, Special to the Observer|May 18, 2024

    Dear Council, I knew it was just a matter of time before the virtue-signaling, radical left-wing of the Council, as embodied by the clueless Jesse Zwick, felt the need to "be heard" on Gaza. Typical hubris! As if anybody cares what Santa Monica thinks about it, as if it will change anything in the Middle East, as if Jesse Zwick has any understanding of the issue. Rabbi Gotlieb summed up the reasons why the city shouldn't wade into it well (

  • The Hypocrisy of Antisemitics

    Jill Chapin|May 14, 2024

    Have you ever been so disgusted with a person or an organization that you want nothing to do with them in any way whatsoever? For example, there are those who divest themselves of stocks because of those companies that make their money from chemicals that pollute the food we eat. They could further their stance of opposing such companies if they also refused to buy any of their products containing those chemicals. But what would you think of them if they nevertheless used the very chemicals...

  • What did the UCLA Chancellor Really Mean in His Statement Regarding Encampment Takedown

    Observer Staff|May 7, 2024

    Here is our interpretation of what Chancellor Block really meant in his message about the takedown of the encampment on campus that conducted activities directly contrary to university policy and whose participants were shown on multiple videos harassing and restricting movement of Jewish students, clear violations of Federal Title VI. Translations of his statement are between brackets. May 2, 2024 Around 1:40 pm, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block shared the following message about the immense toll...

  • Don't Sign Their Petition if You Oppose Giving Benefits to Wealthy Real Estate Developers

    SMCLC|May 2, 2024

    If you've been to the grocery store recently you've been approached, as I have, by well-meaning appearing individuals who want you to 'help apartment owners.' The message below from the Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City (not to be confused with the Santa Monica Coalition) explains why you should not sign and allow this to be put on the ballot. April 23, 2024 Dear Friends of SMCLC, Paid signature gatherers will soon be asking Santa Monica residents to help qualify an initiative that will...

  • Hello Girls of World War I Should Get Congressional Medal

    May 2, 2024

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Well-known American historians Dr. Elizabeth Cobbs of San Diego State University and Dr. David Kennedy of Stanford University have submitted a letter to Congress, cosigned by 55 academic and independent historians, calling for passage of legislation in the 118th Congress to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the Hello Girls, America's First Women Soldiers. The letter, attached to this release here, urges the Senators and House Members to cosponsor S.815 and HR 1572, r...

  • George Gascon's Handpicked Assistant District Attorney for Ethics and Integrity Charged with 11 Felony Counts and Is This a Pattern with George Gascon?

    Ryan Erlich, Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Apr 28, 2024

    [EDITOR'S NOTE: Ms. Teran has already been scrubbed from the official District Attorney website, her position filled now by another individual.] Friends in High Places Teran Affair Raises Questions, Reveals Limited Standard of Accountability for Those in Gascon's Inner Circle Who Commit Bad Acts As you all know by now, the Attorney General of California has charged Diana Teran, George GascĂłn's handpicked Assistant District Attorney for Ethics and Integrity, with 11 felony violations of Penal...

  • Antisemitism at the Critical Race and Ethnic Studies Department at University of California Santa Cruz

    Corva Corvax, A Logical Opinion|Apr 19, 2024

    April 12, 2024 - Faculty groups supporting the rights of Palestine have proliferated on college campuses, with nine University of California campuses each having a chapter of Faculty for Justice in Palestine (FJP)and yet more chapters in nearly 100 other campuses across the country. These groups support the right of those called Palestinians with no regard for the rights of Israelis - and particularly of Jewish Israelis, who they call "colonists." More than 60 percent of the Critical Race and...

  • Why Won't Amazon Deliver Bear Spray to my Santa Monica Address When Addicts, Crime and Other Dangerous Things Are Delivered There?

    Adnan Safadi, Special to the Observer|Apr 15, 2024

    Amazon won't deliver bear spray to my Santa Monica address. Why not? LA County's Department Of Public Health and Santa Monica's City Manager are delivering drugs and needles to my Santa Monica address. Malibu and Beverly Hills and Skid Row and the Palisades are delivering drug addicts to my Santa Monica address. LA's District Attorney is delivering hardened criminals to my Santa Monica address. Santa Monica's Police Department and Santa Monica's City Government are delivering a public safety...

  • Watch the Video - I Dare You, Santa Monica City Council - Look at the True Effect of Free Needle Distribution in Our City

    Arthur Jeon, Special to the Observer|Apr 15, 2024

    Dear Council, After attending the Friday meeting with LA County Health officials, I was given this vague and unsubstantiated "joint statement" from LA County and Santa Monica regarding the needle distribution in our parks (attached). How disappointing to learn that Santa Monica has supported this deeply confused policy, against the wishes of its residents, all along. The following word salad paragraph in particular has NO connection to reality or science that I can see, (and to be clear I'm all...

  • LA Department of Public Health to Santa Monica residents: We Don't Care About YOUR Health

    Arthur Jeon, Special to the Observer|Apr 15, 2024

    Open letter to the Santa Monica City Council and the City Manager Much has been made about the needle exchange program conducted by the Los Angeles Department of Public Health in our city streets and parks. So I cleared my Friday morning to spend two hours listening to their abysmal defense of the program, which is really a needle distribution program, because, as even the mad doctor Gary Tsai acknowledged, only 60% of needles gets returned. (How he arrived at that figure nobody knows because...

  • Does Santa Monica Require That Nonprofits Obtain City Business Licenses?

    Olga Zurawska, Special to the Observer|Apr 11, 2024

    Hello City Attorney Sloan and City Manager White, Since the City Council is about to discuss an update to the business license/tax ordinance, this is to request that the City clarify whether non-profit organizations are subject to the City business license requirement or not. Last year when I enquired about this issue with the City Attorney's Office, the following response was offered: "In general, a nonprofit is exempt from paying the City's business license tax, but is still required to apply...

  • Petition to Recall Governor Newsom (Again) is Approved for Circulation

    Rescue California|Apr 8, 2024

    March 26, 2024- - Today, Rescue California announced that the official recall petition to remove Gavin Newsom from office has been approved by the Secretary of State. 75,000 petitions have been requested by angry residents in almost every county. "Exactly one month ago we started the process of recalling Gavin Newsom because he has abandoned the state to advance his Presidential ambitions, leaving behind a $73 Billion budget deficit that is climbing and a public safety, immigration and education...

  • Cleaning Up the Promenade Only Pushed the Transient Addicts and Homeless Mentally Ill to Our Neighborhoods

    Arthur Jeon, Special to the Observer|Apr 3, 2024

    Dear Council, Walking last night with my wife to a spontaneous dinner at Tocaya on Wilshire, we counted 14 addicts and/or mentally ill people in the 4 blocks from 9th street to 5th street. They were trudging to our alleys and carports, or already holed up in empty storefronts, or heading to Reed Park, or hanging out in the parking lot of the 7/11, or getting ready to bed down wherever. They were high, unstable, and neither of us felt safe. Some were doing drugs, one was buying drugs. My wife...

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