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  • Gascon Abdicates Responsibility at the Parole Board, Allowing Hundreds of Convicts to Walk Free

    Kathy Cady, Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Jan 11, 2024

    Gascón Abandons All Murder Victims' Families In the criminal justice system, a prosecutor's role of seeking justice extends beyond the courtroom; it involves a profound responsibility to victims' families, ensuring their voices are heard and their concerns addressed. Under District Attorney George Gascón, this fundamental duty has been abandoned. Instead of championing the rights of victims and their families, the Gascón administration has opted for a disheartening approach of rolling over or...

  • Gascon's Feel-Good "Justice Reform" Policies Are Illegal and Have Had Devastating Consequences

    Kathy Cady, Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Mar 8, 2022

    Violent criminals hurt individuals and endanger the public. California law allows sentencing enhancements/allegations to be filed when the criminal also inflicts great bodily injury (Penal Code 12022.7), uses a deadly weapon (Penal Code 12022(b)(1)), uses a gun (Penal Code 12022.53), commits the crime for the benefit of a gang (Penal Code 186.22), or when they have prior felony convictions for crimes of violence (Penal Code 667(a)(1) and 1170.12). Allegations show the gravamen of the offense....

  • Gascon Uses Loophole in the Law to Resentence and Release Violent Felons

    Kathy Cady, Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Oct 27, 2021

    Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón's focus is not on prosecuting crimes, but on resentencing defendants who were convicted, sentenced and had their appeals denied, sometimes decades ago. Even more disturbing is that the Los Angeles County public defender's office is writing some of these resentencing motions for prosecutors to file, which deliberately omit or, at best, gloss over adverse controlling case law. All this is happening under the supervision of a deputy public defender "on...