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Articles from the January 11, 2024 edition

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  • New York Police Attempt to Pour Cement Into Tunnels Dug Without Permits Under Chabad Lubavitch's New York HQ

    Stan Greene, Observer Staff Writer|Jan 11, 2024

    15: Apparently Chabad Lubavitch illegally dug tunnels under their New York area headquarters. The tunnels were dug either to permit entry during Covid era lockdowns, or more recently to connect a ritual bath to the main building. As no permit was obtained prior to building the tunnels, the NYPD decided to fill them in by pouring cement. During Covid in 2020 and 2021, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) locked down places of worship, including churches and synagogues. The Mikvah is a ritual bath f...

  • Pro Hamas Protestors Deface Veterans Cemetery in Westwood, Los Angeles

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Jan 11, 2024

    Anti-Israel protesters spray painted a U.S. military cemetery where 85 000 soldiers from WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam and other wars are laid to rest. Marchers in Westwood spray painted the signs at the entrance to the Veterans Administration cemetery in Westwood Sunday afternoon with slogans including "Free Gaza" and "intifada." The Los Angeles National Cemetery was defaced after hundreds of protesters gathered. They also shut down Wilshire Blvd, a main East West boulevard in Los...

  • Gascon Abdicates Responsibility at the Parole Board, Allowing Hundreds of Convicts to Walk Free

    Kathy Cady, Association of Deputy District Attorneys|Jan 11, 2024

    Gascón Abandons All Murder Victims' Families In the criminal justice system, a prosecutor's role of seeking justice extends beyond the courtroom; it involves a profound responsibility to victims' families, ensuring their voices are heard and their concerns addressed. Under District Attorney George Gascón, this fundamental duty has been abandoned. Instead of championing the rights of victims and their families, the Gascón administration has opted for a disheartening approach of rolling over or...

  • Pretext Police Stops Are Not Racist, Say Multiple California Police Unions, and Here's Why Not

    Los Angles, San Francisco, and San Jose police protection unions|Jan 11, 2024

    Los Angeles (CA)--The California Racial and Identity Profiling Advisory Board (Board) released its Report on Police Stop Data for 2022 made by California law enforcement agencies. The Los Angeles Police Protective League and the San Francisco and San Jose Police Officers Associations issued this joint statement in response: "This latest RIPA report takes the easy way out by relying on a dizzying number of charts, figures and statistics instead of presenting a serious public policy analysis. The...

  • Commissioners Accuse Police Union of Suppressing Racial Traffic Stop Data, but This is a Fake issue

    Arthur Jeon, Special to the Observer|Jan 11, 2024

    Santa Monica DOES NOT have a police brutality or bias problem. After being attacked twice in a year within a block of my house, I don't care that the first attacker was white and the second one was black. It was their behavior that was the problem. But if we're clocking immutable and random differences in pigmentation, I did notice that the responding officers were female, Hispanic, and in the second attack, majority black. I didn't care what their skin color was either; I was just happy to see...

  • Santa Monica Fire Dept Rescues Driver in Vehicle Hanging Off Edge of Parking Structure

    Matthew Gonzalez, Observer Staff Writer|Jan 11, 2024

    The SMFD rescued a driver Wednesday, after the driver crashed his SUV through a wall. The SUV was visible to pedestrians on the street below. Santa Monica Fire Department and Santa Monica Police Department responded to reports of a vehicle hanging off of a parking structure connected to Saint John's Hospital, located at 2021 Santa Monica Blvd. When first responders arrived on the scene, they located the vehicle over the 2nd floor of the structure, hanging towards the first floor of the parking...