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 By Stan Greene    News    July 14, 2019

Hurricane Barry Moves North of New Orleans, as the City escapes Major flooding

Tropical Storm Barry did not cause major flooding in the Big Easy, and an alert for New Orleans has been cancelled. Mayor Cantrell held her last news conference on the storm, and the floodgates built...

 By Stan Greene    Sports    July 14, 2019

Tyler Skaggs Mother Debbie Throws Out the First Pitch at Friday's Angels v. Mariners Game

Friday night July 12, Debbie Skaggs threw out the first pitch, and the entire Angels team wore "45" in memory of Angels pitcher Tyler Skaggs. Skaggs died on July 1 of uncertain causes, and this was...


Netflix Resurrects Lucifer Wednesday May 8. The Devil Is In The Details

5/8/19: It turns out there is life after death. At least for a certain Fox TV series about the Devil coming to Los Angeles and making friends at the LAPD. Netflix has brought back Lucifer for a 4th...

 By Stan Greene    News    May 6, 2019

Santa Monica Radar Speed Signs Inform Drivers That They're Going Too Damn Fast.

Officer John Gallagher has worked for the Santa Monica Police Department for 18 years. He loves the traffic division, which he has served for the last eight years. “I enjoy traffic. There’s...

 By Stan Greene    Business    April 25, 2019

JP Morgan Chase Bank Experiences Broad Outage in California

4/22/19: Chase Bank is apparently experiencing a regional outage in California, where customers are unable to obtain their true balances or do online banking. Several websites which track outages, suc...

 By Stan Greene    News    April 15, 2019

College Senior who fell from clock tower while taking selfie

Fox news reports that the young woman who fell off the bell tower, was attempting to take a selfie during a 4 am rite of passage. According to her social-media profiles, Monfries is studying...

 By Stan Greene    News    April 5, 2019

City Council Enacts Moratorium on Permits for Micro Apartments in Downtown Santa Monica

The City Council is concerned about the apparent proliferation of small apartments in downtown Santa Monica. At the 3/26 Meeting, the Council banned construction permits for more apartments less than...

 By Stan Greene    News    March 25, 2019

End Climate Change and Have Imperfect Produce Delivered to your Door

About 20% of produce is discarded at the farm because it is imperfect. A potato might grow lobsided, or the skin of a pear might be brown. Mother Nature doesn't insist on perfection, and a San...

 By Stan Greene    Arts    March 14, 2019

Bonnie He at the Santa Monica Playhouse

Physical comedian Bonnie He takes the audience on an flirtatious journey from death to rebirth, opening a voyeuristic window into personal tragedy, triumph, and titillation, at the Santa Monica...

 By Stan Greene    Opinion    March 7, 2019

French Fries at McDonalds in Orlando FLA Are Too Salty, And So Is My Email

You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups "CONTACT A REPORTER" group. This morning I had breakfast at the McDonalds at the following address: 12301 E Colonial Dr,...

 By Stan Greene    Business    March 4, 2019

Will General Motors' Lordstown Ohio Assembly Plant Get a Last Minute Reprieve?

General Motors announced last July that it intended to close 4 plants in North America, including the Lordstown Ohio facility employing, at one time, 14,500 UAW workers. Only about one third that...

 By Stan Greene    Crime    March 1, 2019

Why #RKelly Will Be Innocent of Recent Charges of Statutory Rape and Sexual Assault

Summary: The Ex Post Facto clause of the US Constitution bans altering a statute of limitations, if it allows a defendant to be charged for offenses that at one time were beyond the Statute of...


Sick With Pneumonia, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fights For Her Life, Setting up SCOTUS Battle

Update, 1/16/19: Justice Ginsburg today cancelled a public appearance set for January 29, 2019, as she remains in a hospital fighting Pneumonia. The elderly judge appears to be nearing the end of her... Labels Story That Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg Has Cancer, as "Fake News"

The sad news broke Friday morning. US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, underwent surgery for lung cancer.


Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Retire from the US Supreme Court in January, 2019

Update: Stricken with Pneumonia, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg about to Retire from the Supreme Court.

 By Stan Greene    News    December 22, 2018

Major Water Main Break Floods Wilshire Blvd & Masselin Street in Los Angeles Miracle Mile

A major water main break at Wilshire Boulevard and Masselin flooded streets in mid Wilshire Thursday morning at 10 AM. LAFD units responded and blocked off the street, but then departed. This is the...


Who Once Was Dead... #RayDonovan Falls Out of Favor With All the Women Left In His Life

In this sad, dark episode, pretty much everything Ray has built in New York City seems to come apart. Samantha (Susan Sarandon) hires someone to beat up Ray. Sam has 2 demands of Ray: Return the...

 By Stan Greene    Crime    December 22, 2018

First Double Murder in Antarctica Under Investigation by New Zealand Police

From a place studied precisely because it resembles the surface of Mars, comes a mystery as stunning as any X-files. The truth is out there, and the authorities aren't talking. The National Science...

 By Stan Greene    News    December 9, 2018

New York Police Seek Motivation In Mysterious Death of Google Engineer Found Unconscious

Scott Krulcik was found unresponsive in Google's Chelsea headquarters at 9 pm Saturday night. A janitor found him unconscious at his computer desk. The janitor called emergency medical technicians...


Hollywood makes its presence felt at the HORASIS Global summit in Vietnam

Ms. Preity Upala, Tell us a little about yourself? You seem to have had quite a fascinating journey through life! Namaste! Yes indeed, it has been quite a journey so far! I describe myself as a...

 By Stan Greene    News    December 3, 2018

As Hanukkah begins, Debate Over Oldest Depiction of Menorah Intensifies

What is Hannukah? Imagine if your cellphone was at 10%, but lasted for 8 days. Now you understand Hannukah, says a new T Shirt that explains the Jewish holiday. Yes, but how did the Menorah get nine...

 By Stan Greene    News    November 29, 2018

Abandon the Appeal! Rowdy Protestors Tell Santa Monica City Council

11/27/2018: About 100 protestors showed up at the City Council meeting Tuesday night to urge the City Council to abandon the City's appeal of the Voting Rights Act Lawsuit. Mayor Ted Winterer...

 By Stan Greene    News    November 13, 2018

Santa Monica Apocalypse: SMPD Meter Maids Stop Enforcing Parking Permits #Californiafires

With so many seeking refuge in Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Police Department are no longer enforcing preferential parking, they have tweeted: “SMPD Alert: To accommodate anyone from out of Santa...

 By Stan Greene    News    November 1, 2018

Mobster Whitey Bulger Beaten to Death by Inmates Under Order from Italian Mob Bosses

Hours after being transferred to a maximum security prison, former Santa Monica residence and mobster Whitey Bulger collapsed and died of apparent blunt force trauma. He was "found unresponsive" by...

 By Stan Greene    News    November 1, 2018

Deals, Films, Finance, Production and Distribution at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica

The American Film Market opened on Halloween at the Loews. The film convention projected over 7000 attendees.  Finance, production, sales and distribution executives will attend screenings,...


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