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Commissioners Accuse Police Union of Suppressing Racial Traffic Stop Data, but This is a Fake issue

Santa Monica DOES NOT have a police brutality or bias problem. We have a crime, safety and disorder crisis

Santa Monica DOES NOT have a police brutality or bias problem. After being attacked twice in a year within a block of my house, I don't care that the first attacker was white and the second one was black. It was their behavior that was the problem. But if we're clocking immutable and random differences in pigmentation, I did notice that the responding officers were female, Hispanic, and in the second attack, majority black. I didn't care what their skin color was either; I was just happy to see them.

This, on the other hand, is a REAL issue: Another scary incident on Ocean Ave.

Santa Monica DOES HAVE a crime, safety and disorder crisis. Stop wasting SMPD's time, energy, and resources to solve a fake issue (police brutality/bias), while ignoring the emergency that's retarding our recovery, driving tourists away in droves, and creating a lot of stress for our residents.

The truth is that the far Left and the Far Right (Libertarians) have horseshoed into the same position, creating a Wild West free-for-all on our streets, with nobody paying attention to the townsfolk who have worked hard to live here, who pay taxes, and who just want to live in a peaceful, safe community.

SOLUTIONS: Immediately dismantle the "Police Oversight Commission" which is about as necessary as wings on a submarine. This commission, comprised of anti-police activists is also an insult to our extremely professional police force led by an Hispanic chief, and a Black Deputy Chief (not that I care what their skin color is!). They are a distraction and a self-important waste of time.

Dismantle SM's DEI apparatus (a reductive and racist ideology coming under scrutiny from Harvard to Hulu) and use the money to hire more police. Hire on merit only, because we want our police, like our surgeons, to be the best possible people available.

I know the mythical transport van is finally arriving soon. As is Drug Court giving SM the ability to prosecute "misdemeanors" that are destroying our quality of life. So, I'm hopeful. The police department and Attorney's Office needs to go after these minor crimes HARD. Because the truth is that the menacing addict bluff-charging tourists for kicks is destroying our recovery as much as serious crime. People don't want to bring their family to a place where somebody is as likely to drop their pants and flash them as they are to actually attack them. Businesses are failing because of it.

Cops on bikes. Cops on foot. Proactive community policing at the ground level where you can see everything you miss in a squad car. Where you get to know the players, the dealers, the addicts, and the residents.

There are good people working hard on this issue. But what they don't seem to understand is that out-of-control addicts are OUT OF CONTROL. Waiting for them to make the decision to change their behavior is waiting for a non-swimmer who is drowning to learn how to swim-not going to happen. You have to dive in and stop them from drowning, and give them a chance to dry out. This means prison for some where they can avail themselves of all sorts of programs to get clean and start over. For those of you who hate the idea of prison, then you should work in one like I did, and hear how often the incarcerated say it saved their lives.

I am hopeful the new year will bring the change many of have been sounding the alarm about for years. Because despite all the work, on the streets it feels like failure. The second article above is just another day in Santa Monica. We have to come together to change it.


Arthur Jeon


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