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Pro Hamas Protestors Deface Veterans Cemetery in Westwood, Los Angeles

Spray paint used to re-write markers on Veteran and Wilshire, with Free Gaza signs.

Anti-Israel protesters spray painted a U.S. military cemetery where 85 000 soldiers from WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam and other wars are laid to rest. Marchers in Westwood spray painted the signs at the entrance to the Veterans Administration cemetery in Westwood Sunday afternoon with slogans including "Free Gaza" and "intifada."

The Los Angeles National Cemetery was defaced after hundreds of protesters gathered. They also shut down Wilshire Blvd, a main East West boulevard in Los Angeles.


Reader Comments(2)

LilSquid writes:

There won't be any arrests. Too woke in Cali. Sad to think they get away with this like they did in the Capitol building. Double standard sucks.

Phil writes:

Hey, where is the reporting on the arrests and charges filed against these anti American, pro Hamas, haters of Israel?