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Santa Monica's Mayor Phil Brock Was Attacked On The Promenade, Now He's Pretending Like Santa Monica Is Safe


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Lots of news outlets are now covering how unsafe Santa Monica is because of the Santa Monica Coalition's sign on the promenade.

The Santa Monica Coalition's sign says "Santa Methica Is Not Safe. Our City Manager Supports the Needle & Meth Pipe Distribution Program In Our Parks and Public Spaces."

Santa Monica's Mayor Phil Brock recently did a TV interview where he said that "Most of Santa Monica is always safe."

Here's the interview: (

There's a big problem with Mayor Phil Brock's assessment that "Most of Santa Monica is always safe."

Phil Brock was recently attacked on the promenade. The attack occurred in broad daylight in front of a crowd.

Here's a video of that attack: (

If "Most of Santa Monica is always safe" Phil Brock wouldn't have been attacked on the promenade in broad daylight.


None of Santa Monica is safe. It's being managed like skid row. Santa Monica's City Manger David White is supporting a needle and meth pipe distribution program in parks and public spaces where drug use is prohibited.

That's crazy.

Instead of complaining about a sign, Mayor Phil Brock should be complaining about that.

Think about this:

Mayor Phil Brock declared a "state of emergency" on homelessness about one and a half years ago. Imagine going to the emergency room and they keep you waiting in the lobby for one and a half years.


Santa Monica councilman Phil Brock attacked on city street by homeless man


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