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  • Santa Monica's Mayor Phil Brock Was Attacked On The Promenade, Now He's Pretending Like Santa Monica Is Safe

    Adnan Safadi, Special to the Observer|Jul 9, 2024

    Lots of news outlets are now covering how unsafe Santa Monica is because of the Santa Monica Coalition's sign on the promenade. The Santa Monica Coalition's sign says "Santa Methica Is Not Safe. Our City Manager Supports the Needle & Meth Pipe Distribution Program In Our Parks and Public Spaces." Santa Monica's Mayor Phil Brock recently did a TV interview where he said that "Most of Santa Monica is always safe." Here's the interview: ( There's a big...

  • Why Won't Amazon Deliver Bear Spray to my Santa Monica Address When Addicts, Crime and Other Dangerous Things Are Delivered There?

    Adnan Safadi, Special to the Observer|Apr 15, 2024

    Amazon won't deliver bear spray to my Santa Monica address. Why not? LA County's Department Of Public Health and Santa Monica's City Manager are delivering drugs and needles to my Santa Monica address. Malibu and Beverly Hills and Skid Row and the Palisades are delivering drug addicts to my Santa Monica address. LA's District Attorney is delivering hardened criminals to my Santa Monica address. Santa Monica's Police Department and Santa Monica's City Government are delivering a public safety...

  • Readers React to Santa Monica Councilmember Jesse Zwick's Declaration of Triumph over Homelessness - and it's Not Positive

    Adnan Safadi and Madeleine Hertz|Mar 21, 2024

    Hi Jesse, I noticed you put out a newsletter where you said: "As 2024 kicks into gear I'm happy to report a number of exciting accomplishments and events on the horizon in Santa Monica. From bringing people experiencing homelessness indoors to making our streets safer for all, we're making progress on the issues residents care most about, while our overall economic recovery is proceeding faster than anticipated." That statement is a complete lie Jesse. You're not making Santa Monica safer for...

  • Santa Monica is Able to Hire Police Officers After Ending Vaccine Mandate

    Adnan Safadi, Special to Observer|Oct 31, 2023

    Santa Monica's Police Department recently hired a bunch of new sworn officers. Why now? Why didn't Santa Monica's police department hire a bunch of new sworn officers in December of 2021? Well, because the City Of Santa Monica was mandating an experimental MRNA treatment for new police recruits. The experimental MRNA treatment causes heart attacks in some people. So for the entire term of the vaccine mandates Santa Monica has had an impossible time hiring new sworn officers. Santa Monica was...

  • Cash Bail Will Help Santa Monica's Residents and Business Owners

    Adnan Safadi, Special to the Observer|Oct 28, 2023

    Last Tuesday, Santa Monica City Council Woman Caroline Torosis delivered a scripted speech about cash bail. She said that she has "Seen first hand" how cash bail "destroys families." No she hasn't. She's reading from a script she didn't write. Caroline Torosis said that cash bail "criminalizes poverty." No it doesn't. It criminalizes criminals. Caroline Torosis said that cash bail resulted in "either below or similar to historical average" failure to appear in court. That is lawyer speak for...

  • Mom and Pop Landlords in Santa Monica Hit with Rent Control While Mega-Corporations are Not

    Adnan Safadi, Santa Monica Renter|Sep 11, 2023

    Santa Monica has some of the strictest rent control in the country. But did you know that the rent control in Santa Monica is selective? Some buildings in Santa Monica have rent control and some buildings do not. It's interesting to note that the rent on the brand new buildings in Santa Monica is not controlled the same way that the rent on small mom and pop buildings is controlled. For example: I live in a small mom and pop building which is strictly rent controlled. My friend used to live in a...

  • Stop the Mandates: Letter to Santa Monica City Government

    Adnan Safadi, Santa Monica resident|Sep 5, 2022

    Hi Santa Monica City Government, You are exercising government overreach. Stop the mandates. You are city servants. Not health dictators. You do not have the right to force city employees or law enforcement to be guinea pigs for drug companies. When you started the mandating game it was "in a state of emergency" and "just to keep the hospitals from overflowing." Right? Now what's the excuse? The hospitals are not overflowing. We're not in a state of emergency. Everyone who got "vaccinated"...

  • Increasing Crime in Santa Monica isn't Recorded Because it's So Hard to Give a Police Report

    Adnan Safadi, Santa Monica resident|Aug 26, 2022

    UPDATE:ANOTHER CAR (The Tesla, attached) was smashed and grabbed at the same address two days after I sent the original message. Neighbors said they saw a black Honda Civic and racing away from the crime scene (They didn't see the license plate). Hi Santa Monica City Government, Criminals are increasing their activity in Santa Monica. Yesterday my friend's car & his neighbor's car were both smashed & robbed in Santa Monica (Pictures attached). I have two other friends who have had their cars...