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Stop the Mandates: Letter to Santa Monica City Government

Everyone who got "vaccinated" contracted Covid anyways. Including Santa Monica's mayor.

Hi Santa Monica City Government,

You are exercising government overreach. Stop the mandates.

You are city servants. Not health dictators.

You do not have the right to force city employees or law enforcement to be guinea pigs for drug companies.

When you started the mandating game it was "in a state of emergency" and "just to keep the hospitals from overflowing." Right?

Now what's the excuse? The hospitals are not overflowing. We're not in a state of emergency. Everyone who got "vaccinated" contracted Covid anyways. Including Santa Monica's mayor. Some young people died from strokes and heart attacks after taking the vaccine.

And then there was the excuse that you were forcing vaccinations "to make it safer for everyone else." But vaccinations do not prevent the spread of Covid. So now what? You want to force people to get vaccinated just because you said so? F--- you.

Stop the mandates. You should have never mandated anything in the first place. Or else let's have a city-wide health contest. The winner of the health contest can be Santa Monica's new health dictator.


PS: I saw a shirtless guy blown out of his mind on meth this morning. He was karate chopping the air with a giant buck knife in front of all the joggers near Santa Monica Pier. If the city continues to allow encampments of meth addicts to set up shop along Santa Monica's beaches and parks, more people are going to get stabbed to death.


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