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Articles from the September 11, 2023 edition

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  • The Naked Truth: Clothing is now Optional on Main Street in Santa Monica

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 11, 2023

    19: You can pretty much do whatever you want to in Santa Monica lately. We all know there are plenty of drugged out, crazy folks in Santa Monica recently. But the naked truth is, you can walk down main street in Santa Monica and no one will stop you. To be fair, Main Street is right by the beach, and people have always worn beach clothing there from time to time. But a dude walked by me with it all hanging out on Tuesday morning. And I knew that man kind had now returned to the stone age....

  • Fairy Princesses, Mermaid Models and Unicorn Uniforms Seen on Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 11, 2023

    Have you ever wondered how to find a fairy, mermaid or unicorn in LA? "That motherf@@@er is not real," you say? Then you need to visit the Sparkl Fairy Couture store just off Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade on Santa Monica Blvd. Wednesday night, the Sparkl Fashion store in Santa Monica conducted its annual Mermont Show at the Mondrian Hotel's Skybar. Few events are more fun for me to photograph, since the store specializes in mermaid merchandise, fairy couture and unicorn uniforms. Gabriel...

  • Girl in front of dog-friendly The Maxwell Hotel with a bronze statue of a dog

    The Maxwell Hotel: Your Basecamp for Seattle's Coolest Experiences

    Chanin Victor, Travel Editor|Sep 11, 2023

    The Maxwell Hotel: Your Enchanting StayPineapple Oasis in Seattle Seattle, Washington, a city bursting with culture, innovation, and natural beauty, welcomes travelers from all corners of the world. And when it comes to finding the perfect home away from home in the heart of the city, look no further than The Maxwell Hotel-a StayPineapple property that exudes warmth, charm, and unmatched hospitality. Whether you're a solo explorer, a family on an adventure, or a couple seeking a romantic...

  • Mom and Pop Landlords in Santa Monica Hit with Rent Control While Mega-Corporations are Not

    Adnan Safadi, Santa Monica Renter|Sep 11, 2023

    Santa Monica has some of the strictest rent control in the country. But did you know that the rent control in Santa Monica is selective? Some buildings in Santa Monica have rent control and some buildings do not. It's interesting to note that the rent on the brand new buildings in Santa Monica is not controlled the same way that the rent on small mom and pop buildings is controlled. For example: I live in a small mom and pop building which is strictly rent controlled. My friend used to live in a...

  • The Body Receives and the Mind Perceives: An interview with Ashley Stauffer, Hypnotist

    David Ganezer, Observer Staff Writer|Sep 11, 2023

    Ashley Stauffer attended New York Film Academy, where she studied acting and pilates. She moved to Los Angeles in 2013. She tended bar at Hinano Cafe in Venice. While she attended the New York Film Academy for Acting, she was certified in Pilates at formerly known as The Kane School of Core Integration, now, Kinected." "Working in the service industry as a Bartender & Pilates Instructor, people would tell me everything. I felt like a therapist. I observed a lot of how the body becomes the mind....

  • Do You Want Yet Another Covid Booster Shot? Los Angeles County Health Department Advocates Masks and Boosters, at Least for the Elderly

    Alyssa Erdley, Observer Staff|Sep 11, 2023

    August 18, 2023 - The County Health Department, which oversees the distribution of free needles to the homeless drug-addicted, has advice regarding an apparent increase in transmission of the Covid-19 virus, including a recommendation to get the new Covid-19 booster that is to be considered for approval next month. The health department admits that hospitalizations due to Covid are at near-record lows but cautions that individuals over the age of 80 are five times more likely to be hospitalized...

  • Is the ASPCA Deceiving Donors About Maui Pet Rescue Efforts?|Sep 11, 2023

    August 28, 2023 - The wildfire that gutted Lahaina has claimed many human and animal lives. In a tragic new story, parents found their 14-year-old son's body. He had died while hugging his dog. Unfortunately, as with any disaster, there are those who seek to exploit emotions to raise money. Today and yesterday we saw a fundraising ad for the ASPCA on Facebook. The ad claimed the ASPCA is "on the ground in Hawaii assisting with animal search and rescue efforts" and "searching for displaced animal...