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The Body Receives and the Mind Perceives: An interview with Ashley Stauffer, Hypnotist

How Ashley Stauffer combined mindful movement, hypnosis and Mental alchemist sessions for full psyche healing.

Ashley Stauffer attended New York Film Academy, where she studied acting and pilates. She moved to Los Angeles in 2013. She tended bar at Hinano Cafe in Venice.  While she attended the New York Film Academy for Acting, she was certified in Pilates at formerly known as The Kane School of Core Integration, now, Kinected."

"Working in the service industry as a Bartender & Pilates Instructor, people would tell me everything. I felt like a therapist. I observed a lot of how the body becomes the mind. From the way people perceive themselves And how their beliefs & what they would say impacted their ability to move.

"I saw the disconnection of the body & mind and began seeking the solution for brain & heart coherence. Coming across the work of Dolores Cannon, Dr. Joe Dispenza "Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself", completing Marisa Peers RTT program."

"I learned that in fact our subconscious mind is brilliant and we as conscious beings have the power to create beliefs and the personality we desire. We have to break the ego & allow  the heart to expand. Feel the hard feelings, allow them to surface, embrace the uncomfortable sensation & then Let it Go! It is with the understanding of how our limiting beliefs, actions where formed in the subconscious that we now have the ability to create a dream reality."

"Instead of living the life through other peoples vision/movie of you, I took action through self hypnosis & journaling what I wanted to experience in my life. A stronger more supportive community & friend group was number 1 for me."

"I started journaling in my notebook and asking for new friends. I was also having friends, I wanted to expose myself in new circumstances around new people. I also meet more people who are doing what they love, and are really passionate about what they do."

"Hypnosis really took my power back, and by being so grounded and rooted in that essence of what I wanted to give to others, I was seeing confidence and self love."

"I realized I was my own worst inner critic, we have to let the love and the praise in. Being able to receive. That started with like asking for help.

People were generous but I had to learn to ask for help. That was a vulnerable but also a helpful place to be.

"I was searching for a way to integrate movement and clear the mind. There's yoga and massage. But I knew there was something more powerful still that I could reach people with. What was it?"

"In January of 2021, I came across a manifestation challenge. It consisted of 5 days of self-hypnosis. When I did that I felt such a shift in my own mental health, that five days later I enrolled in an Hypnosis class with Marissa Peer."

"I have never been so fully immersed! I was hypnotizing myself and my friends, and you could et together with other people in your group and it was really changing people's lives.

"You get to a place in your mind where the root cause of a person's problem was created. Just that understanding, simply knowing that, was so powerful that it made people want to change their minds.

"So, my Moto is take time to change your mind. Joe Dispenses' take Time to Be Yourself, Uplift your emotions to a place. Start with satisfaction and contentment. It was the hypnosis that really allowed you to get to the root. I was really able to make changes instead of defaulting to my root experiences."

Hypnosis also led Stauffer to work on her own development. "My dad died when I was 27," she explains. "And I thought oh well, I can live my whole life in grief, or I can let this be a lesson and I can rise above grief. "

"When we do work in hypnosis, we frequently discover issues people have, about not feeling lovable about ourselves. We either date people like our parents because we didn't feel wanted. We're able to see that in a state of hypnosis."

"You're able to emotionally drop into that place of awareness of why your parents didn't love you or want you. And you're able to say what you want to to your parents in that place of hypnosis. The inner child work that I call the remedy. Now you're you parent, you love you, and you're in complete harmony with that 6 year old child of you that your parent didn't love," she says.

"I tell people to believe, I'm not going to hesitate to love myself today. That brings you to a place where you can respond in a way where there is compassion and understanding for what is," she says

"My method is close your eyes, I put you into an alpha brainwave state, we breathe deeply and while you're looking up we turn the volume down on that monkey brain, the critical function that's always telling us don't think this, don't that. "

"There's an imprint there, these things that happen to us, and what our mind made it mean. If a boy got teased one time in class, he's too afraid out there, The minds only job is to keep you safe, if it knows what's going to mortify you, freeze, fight or flee."

"People experience a deep fear of judgment, of being judged by our peers. Historically we were tribal. At the deepest level of humanity, if we didn't get accepted we were dead. So there's a deep need to be accepted by our community, because we need the community."

Mental alchemist Ashley Stauffer hypnotizes the body and the mind. She is available for mindful movement sessions, where she alchemizes the mind and integrates it into the body. Her contact information is at her website, or her Instagram,

Her studio is on Ocean Park Blvd, and she's working on getting a space in her home in Arlington Heights. She's also a Shamanic healer

"I want to change people's minds and let them know they can be the person they want to be. They are worthy, they are complete, and that they can have everything their heart desires radiating in their magnificence."


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