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Increasing Crime in Santa Monica isn't Recorded Because it's So Hard to Give a Police Report

Entrepreneurs aren't investing in The Promenade because it's being managed like Skid Row

UPDATE:ANOTHER CAR (The Tesla, attached) was smashed and grabbed at the same address two days after I sent the original message. Neighbors said they saw a black Honda Civic and racing away from the crime scene (They didn't see the license plate).

Hi Santa Monica City Government,

Criminals are increasing their activity in Santa Monica. Yesterday my friend's car & his neighbor's car were both smashed & robbed in Santa Monica (Pictures attached). I have two other friends who have had their cars smashed & robbed in the last 60 days.

Thousands of Santa Monica residents – including my friend who was robbed yesterday, including my friend who lives in the building where the woman was tortured, raped and stabbed to death last week – have signed a petition to increase public safety in Santa Monica.

Santa Monica's public safety strategy is failing beyond any conceivable metric. Residents are being raped, stabbed, robbed, sucker punched, and murdered.

Here's what my recently robbed friend said:

"Santa Monica figured out how to keep their crime stats low: I call the police to file a report. They say someone will call back to file the report. Someone from an unknown number calls me. I miss the call. They close the case. I have to call back and reopen the case. They'll call me back at an unknown time. If I miss the next call they'll close the case again. A lot of people just give up I'm sure."

Here's what an older lady from the neighbor told me yesterday:

"I haven't been down to the promenade since last December. I've heard that the parking structures down there are dangerous now."

She's right.

Here's what the Santa Monica property owners are saying:

"People who might rent the vacant space along the promenade don't even make it to the promenade to look at the vacant space anymore. They see something dangerous in the stairwell of the parking structures and just walk back to their cars."

Entrepreneurs aren't investing in The Promenade because it's being managed like Skid Row. Residents are fleeing the city because of safety concerns.

We need more armed police on the streets and more enforcement immediately. We needed it twelve months ago.

You can save the next woman from being tortured to death. Call the Sheriff and business owners and start cooperating with them.



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