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Santa Monica is Able to Hire Police Officers After Ending Vaccine Mandate

The experimental MRNA treatment causes heart attacks in some people

Santa Monica's Police Department recently hired a bunch of new sworn officers.

Why now?

Why didn't Santa Monica's police department hire a bunch of new sworn officers in December of 2021?

Well, because the City Of Santa Monica was mandating an experimental MRNA treatment for new police recruits. The experimental MRNA treatment causes heart attacks in some people.

So for the entire term of the vaccine mandates Santa Monica has had an impossible time hiring new sworn officers. Santa Monica was actually loosing more sworn officers to retirement than the city could find to hire. So our understaffed police force was getting even smaller.

Fast forward to April of 2023. What happened this past April?

Santa Monica randomly ended the vaccine mandates. Ending the vaccine mandates wasn't connected to any data or any inciting incident. It was completely arbitrary.

There was an immediate influx of SMPD recruits.

What a coincidence.

The prospective cops only applied to the City of Santa Monica AFTER the years-long vaccine mandates were arbitrarily lifted in April. About six months later, the City of Santa Monica has now trained those new recruits and put them out in the street.

Dangerous, unconstitutional and arbitrary vaccine mandates were directly responsible for Santa Monica's understaffed police force and for the resulting public safety catastrophe.

So did anyone tell Santa Monica's City Manager David White to end the vaccine mandates so that The City Of Santa Monica would have an easier time hiring more police officers? Yup. I told him for about twelve months straight, starting in December of 2021.

He ignored me.


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