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Response to Santa Monica Mayor Brock and Vice-mayor Lana Negrete Accompanying Distribution of Drug Paraphernalia

Mayor Brock left Reed Park after 45 min. I watched from my car, and did not enter Reed Park. Brock approached me as I was sitting in my car, said he was hungry, and going to lunch. Brock's comments about the Venice Family Clinic in Tongva Park are hearsay, because he was not there.

John Alle

Man talking to himself (psychotic) and encouraged to continue using drugs by free paraphernalia distributed by VFC

While in Reed Park, Vice Mayor Negrete and a Venice Family Clinic worker were startled by an addict close behind them who began screaming a 4-letter word and waving his hands. They quickly moved on. While in Tongva Park, 2 Venice Family Clinic employees handed out at least 4 kits with Vice Mayor Negrete alongside.

I reminded Brock that there are 2 agreements in place between Santa Monica and the LA County Health Dept stating that SANTA MONICA's legislative approval is a REQUIREMENT of any health or medical program conducted in the city. Brock admitted he had lost the documents The Santa Monica Coalition had twice sent him. The City Manager and Council have not exercised the political will to end needle and glass pipe distribution.

John Alle

Passed out after taking drugs, thanks to VFC

And Mayor Brock INCORRECTLY states there are not enough Police to enforce the City's laws making it illegal to hand out any drug paraphernalia. The last SANTA MONICA Police Officer who enforced the rules in Palisades Park and confronted 2 Venice Family Clinic employees last year was soon after reassigned to a desk job.


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Bobby writes:

If a legislative act is required to hand out drug paraphernalia, why hasn’t anyone filed a writ petition under trances or summit media saying that David white and council are acting without public hearing and legislation? The things these maniacs are doing on our streets is illegal. But the problem is that the pathetic horrible disgusting district attorney gascon has made clear he won’t keep any criminal in jail. He just releases everyone. So cops stop arresting because there’s no point. Then, magically, cops stop arresting and crime is reported as going down. People, please, hold these elected officials accountable. Do not vote for an incumbent. Even a radical republican would be better than what these people are subjecting the citizens and taxpayers here in Santa Monica to. It’s not right.