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  • Councilmember Gleam Davis Proposes Building Housing On the Santa Monica Airport After it Closes in 2028

    Tricia Crane, Chair, Northeast Neighbors|Dec 28, 2023

    Dear Northeast Neighbors and friends: Last night sparks flew as the City Council discussed the proposal of internationally renowned public park design firm Sasaki Associates to design a Great Park at Santa Monica Airport. City Staff presented and recommended a six-point Action plan for the agreement with Sasaki. Councilmember de la Torre was absent, but a discussion and vote ensued. Sasaki made an impressive presentation of its past projects converting airports to parks. Then Gleam Davis made a...

  • Parking: California State Government Aims to Take Over Local Control, Lower Parking Requirements for New Buildings

    Tricia Crane, Northeast Neighbors|Apr 10, 2023

    The below was an email sent by Northeast Neighbors community group advocate Tricia Crane to the group members regarding a recent presentation: Dear Northeast Neighbors and friends, Monday's meeting was one of our most informative and provocative. It was also the first time we have dedicated the entire two hours to one speaker and topic: Transit expert Thomas Rubin on "What to Expect with Proposed Parking Changes." Despite its modest title, Rubin's brilliant presentation reveals the scope and...

  • Latest City Hall "Survey" is Yet Another Cynical Effort to Manipulate Local Opinion

    Tricia Crane, Chair, Northeast Neighbors|Nov 11, 2017

    The City of Santa Monica just sent out a "survey" to residents and workers who live outside the city titled Your City, Your Voice... The survey begins by stating it's about "what's important to you personally and how we can make Santa Monica even better." But then what unfolds is an effort to manipulate your perspective. The survey asks you to describe Santa Monica by rating these words on a scale of one to ten: caring, inclusive, diverse, thriving, equitable, neighborly, affordable,...

  • City Council Unanimously Approves Most Expensive Municipal Building Ever, Anywhere

    Tricia Crane|Feb 3, 2017

    This week – despite widespread resident opposition - City Council voted 7 to 0 to move the City Services Building project forward. They denied David Garden's appeal, which was supported by four neighborhood groups and dozens and dozens of emails citing substantive challenges to what has repeatedly been called "a trophy project." Residents presented ethical, rational and valid reasons why the project should be sent back to the drawing board. And David Garden made a strong case defending his A...

  • Bill Bauer Has Passed. Now, Who in Santa Monica Will Tell Us The Truth?

    Tricia Crane|Nov 1, 2016

    Dear friends: My friend and champion of the people, Bill Bauer, has passed. Our city will not be the same without him. I know I will miss him dearly. He was one of a kind. Bill knew our City and loved our City. In his weekly "My Write" column in the Daily Press, Bill took on the phony politicians and exposed their hypocrisies like an old style journalist. He told the truth and we needed to hear it. He is irreplaceable. It's ironic that even as Bill was forced to discontinue his column because...

  • Deceptive Advertising Won't Fool the People: Measure LV Will End Over-development, Traffic

    Tricia Crane, SMCLC|Oct 10, 2016

    Recently a pro-developer political action committee called HOME sent out a flyer to Santa Monica residents that was full of disinformation about ballot Measure LV, which seeks to do one thing: give voters the final say in the approval of large development projects. Here is a point by point response to HOME and its lies from those who advocate YES on Measure LV. #1 "No on LV" Lie: Voter approval would be required to rebuild after an earthquake. Truth: Santa Monica's existing Municipal Code...