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Gang Member Convicted on Murders and Attempted Murders

On November 12, 2013 a jury found Jose Zapien, a known gang member, guilty of the 2006 murders of Eduardo Lopez and Miguel Martin as well as the attempted murders of 12 other people. The murder of Eduardo Lopez occurred on 2/28/2006 and the murder of Miguel Martin occurred on 12/27/2006. The attempted murders occurred on those two dates as well as on 9/28/2004, 7/09/2006, and 10/21/2006.

In one shooting Zapien was with other suspects when they approached a group of young teenagers and fired several gunshots, killing Eddie Lopez. Eddie Lopez was 15-years-old and an avid athlete. He played on our schools’ football and baseball teams. Eddie was well liked by all and gunned down at the prime of his life.

Just two days after Christmas, Miguel Martin, another one of our youth, was shot and killed by Zapien as Martin walked with his friends on the sidewalk in front of one of our parks.

The two week trial ended after 5 hours of jury deliberation. Zapien is facing multiple life sentences without parole. Sentencing will be held on January 09, 2014


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