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Letter to the Editor pedestrian/driver conflict


Dear Editor,

As a resident of Santa Monica for 17 years, I would like to bring your attention to a very important and ever-growing problem of a necessity of STOP signs where alleys meet the sidewalk.

I have noticed a significant rise in pedestrian/driver conflict over the past years.

Drivers don’t stop while are flying out of alleys. Pedestrians have the right of way so they typically don’t look or they run/ride right through on the sidewalk.

Personally, I have been hit twice by cars rushing out of the alleys and my 10 years old son was hit once as well.

I want to bring this to your attention that every alley or at the very least blind alleys should be equipped with a STOP sign and every alley should have at least a line to STOP. This will help significantly decrease this DANGEROUS situation.

Thank you,

Vladimir Derkach

Resident of SM


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