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Hammer Attack

Santa Monica Police say they arrested a man accused of hitting another man several times in the head with a hammer. Authorities say it happened on the 800 block of Cedar Street at 3:50 in the afternoon on February 26.

Officers were called to the home after they received a disturbance complaint. Lawmen report the door was open, when they arrived at the home, and they could see three people fighting inside. They say one person was holding a hammer while another person was bleeding from the head. Authorities say, they broke the fight up and the man with the hammer dropped it. They say the victim, who was later sent to the hospital for treatment, told the officer that he attempted to enter the apartment when the suspect, Bill C. Ochinero, who was already inside, reached over another person standing in the doorway and struck the victim in the head with a hammer. Lawmen report the victim became angry and ran into the apartment, tackled and punched Ochinero repeatedly, but was struck in the head two more times with the hammer during that altercation. Lawmen report Ochinero was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and violation of his probation. His bail was set for $30000.

Illegal U-Turn Leads to Drug Charges

Santa Monica Police say two men stopped for making an illegal U-turn ended up with a slew of charges.

Authorities say they saw a car making an illegal U-turn in the area of California Avenue and Ocean Avenue on February 26. Lawmen report they conducted a traffic stop on the 1200 block of Ocean Avenue and when the driver could not find his license or registration they asked him and the passenger to come out of the car. Authorities say they found a pipe commonly used to smoke cocaine after searching the passenger. Officers report they also found that the driver had a no-bail warrant from Ventura and arrested the driver for that. Lawmen report they found three syringes inside of the car along with methamphetamine, heroin, and items used to cook and inject heroin. They say in jail they also found methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin on the passenger. Daryl T. McGowan of Los Angeles and Roland J. Barber both were charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia and a parole violation

Police Find Fugitive from Ohio

Santa Monica Police say while conducting a check on homeless people trespassing at a local Deli they caught a suspect who is wanted in Ohio. They say it happened around 3 o’clock in the morning at the Bay Cities Deli at 1517 Lincoln Blvd. on March 3rd.

Lawmen report the Deli had filed a letter with the police department asking that trespassers found on the property be arrested. Authorities say officers found Gary W. Harris sleeping on the property and say after they woke him up they noticed that he a fixed blade dagger with a 5” blade. They say Harris told the officer that he used the weapon for self-defense. Authorities say they did a warrant check and found that Harris was a wanted fugitive from Ohio. Lawmen report Harris was arrested for trespassing, possession of the knife, and the fugitive warrant.

Fraud Suspect Caught outside Apple Store

Santa Monica Police say a woman accused of using a fake drivers license was caught while trying to buy two iPhones and a MacBook Pro.

Lawmen say officers responded to the Apple Store on 3rd Street Promenade regarding a fraud suspect inside the store on March 3 at 2:30 in the afternoon. Authorities say the security agent in the store told them that the suspect, Melody M. Dopp came in the store asking for two iPhone 5s’ and one 13” MacBook Pro. They say she told them she qualified for an on-line, $3000, instant credit from Apple. Lawmen say the security guard explained that the instant credit is issued temporarily in the form of a printed bar-code until the customer receives the actual credit card and customer can use that bar-code in the store to access their credit immediately. They say Dopp showed the sales associate a driver’s license that appeared to be fictitious and alerted the security the agent who allowed the suspect to complete the transaction and walked her out of the store. They say once outside of the store, he detained the suspect and called the police. Lawmen say police determined that the identification was in fact fake and that the suspect had used another person’s identity to get the credit line. Authorities say officers learned that the identity of the person for whom the credit was established was found on a medical document discarded by the victim. Dopp was charged with burglary and using a fake drivers license. She was given a $20000 bail.


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