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By David Ganezer

Move to Ban Pony Rides


March 31, 2014

A petition to ban Pony rides at Santa Monica's Farmers Markets (and presumably elsewhere in town), has gathered over 200 signatures, it's MoveOn backers report.

Since Sunday my Move On petition has garnered 160 signatures (39 from Santa Monica) to shut down the pony rides and petting zoo at the Sunday farmers market in Ocean Park. Signers object to ponies circling round and round for hours, tethered to a pole, with loud music playing next to them. Let's end this side show and teach our children to be kind to animals," said Marcy Winograd.

The online petition says: We call on the city of Santa Monica, known for its visionary and progressive policies, to shut down pony rides and petting zoos because these cruel and inhumane exhibits exploit animals for entertainment.

• The ponies, tethered tightly to a turnstile, are forced to plod in circles

for hours, sometimes in terrible heat with music blasting next to them

at the farmers market.

• Petting zoos also subject animals to the stress of transport, unnecessary handling, and crowds of strangers. Baby animals cower in corners to escape the commotion.

Former Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom, has introduced a bill into the California State Assembly to end Whale shows. His bill followed the success of the movie, Blackfish.

Many people believe that animals exist to serve the needs of people. Such people do seem to be fewer in Santa Monica, a liberal urban environment.


Reader Comments

Jackie writes:

Let's get together on this... untie the ponies from the bars and lead them on a trail (just like they do on real ranches) and just like they do at the Brentwood Farmers Market on Sundays where the ponies are led along the golf course. No need to power merry-go-rounds with live animals in this day and age .... Check out the amazing Carousel on the Santa Monica Pier for a real merry-go-round. By the way, at last check the petition has over 1,030 signatures, many from Santa Monica and Venice.

Sunshine writes:

269 signatures in 6 days 11 hrs seems rather week you may want to ck out tawni's ponys on YouTube and get the truth about the ponys at Santa Monica she gathered over 300 in 9 hours God Bless


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