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Walgrove Elementary Hosts a Night of Fun

Last fall, the P.S. ARTS Program and The Tommy Hilfiger Foundation announced a partnership to develop a multi-year arts education curriculum in only two schools in the Los Angeles school district. Walgrove Elementary was chosen based on its established reputation for supporting inclusive education, a dedication to valuing diverse experiences, backgrounds and voices – a community committed to the value of arts in education.

The annual Family Night was hosted as a part of the P.S. ARTS program. The event invited children, friends and families to enjoy a few hours of interactive art projects with one another. The P.S. ARTS approach is special because it encourages parents to participate in projects with their child for an interactive experience. Students enjoyed watercolor painting with their parents and friends, which made for a night of fun and bonding for everyone. Parents were able to set aside a few hours to spend time with their children for some hands-on, interactive and educational activities.

"What a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to work side by side in developing their artwork! My children and I enjoyed it equally," says Olivia Adams, Principal of Walgrove Elementary.

P.S. ARTS is a non-profit organization aiming to educate children by offering arts education to the underserved public schools and neighborhoods. Family nights are hosted for children and their parents to participate in hands-on art activities to help gain appreciation for the many benefits of arts education. The art program also aims to improve cognitive skills of students with autistic or special needs through dance, visual arts, music and theatre.

LAUSD and Superintendent John Deasy recently announced "Parent and Community Engagement" as a targeted district goal for improving our local schools. Walgrove Elementary, a new model for a winning neighborhood public school, is living proof that engaging community partners directly strengthens and enriches our children's education.


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