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Clippers' Sterling Has Cancer

What other news, what other developments could there be from the Clippers' bizarre week as they await a deciding Game 7 of their opening round playoff series against the Golden State Warriors?

Well, there is one more development.

The New York Post reported that 80-year-old ousted Clipper owner Donald Sterling has been battling prostate cancer for several years.

Most Clipper players and Coach Doc Rivers said they weren't aware of the situation.

"I hope it isn't true," said forward Blake Griffin. "Nobody should have to go through that."

Despite the report the NBA is charging full steam ahead in attempting to force Sterling to sell the team.

The league's advisory/finance committee met Thursday and agreed to move forward in an attempt to force Sterling to sell.

It was decided that the committee would meet again in the coming week.

Last week Commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling from the NBA for life for making racial remarks.

The league had to verify it was Sterling's voice on a tape. Silver said Sterling admitted it was him.


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