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Suspicious Behavior Lands Man in Jail

Santa Monica police officer say they saw a man looking into a parked car at the 1400 block of Lincoln Blvd on May 30 at approximately 5:20 in the afternoon. They say an officer kept an eye on him as he walked across the street and into the alley east of Lincoln Blvd. Lawmen report they saw the suspect Derric Jones look into two other parked cars, as if he was looking for items to take from inside. Authorities say they stopped Jones and talked to him because of his suspicious behavior. They while talking to Jones they noticed unusual bulges in his socks and jacket pockets. Lawmen report a computer search revealed that Jones had a $15,000 warrant for his arrest. Officers say they began searching him for any contraband and found several tools, which can be used to break into cars, as well as several power cords and a digital camera. Lawmen report several credit cards were also found hidden in Jones' shoes. They say none of the cards had his name on them. Jones was taken into custody and booked for possession of stolen property and possession of burglary tools. He received a 1,000 bail.

Unlawfully Starting a Fire Lands Man Behind Bars

Santa Monica Police say officers responded to 819 Ocean Park Blvd, regarding a homeless man who was at the back of the property and lighting a campfire. It happened on May 30 about 9:40 at night. They say when the first officer arrived, he saw the suspect, Daniel Huneke sitting on a sofa cushion and tossing newspapers onto a small stack of wood that was ablaze. Authorities say fire was about 2-feet away from a wood fence and about 1-foot away from the sofa cushion. Lawmen report the officer asked the Huneke to stand up and place his hands behind his back so the officer could search. They say at first he complied, but as the officer grabbed a hold of his hands the suspect broke free and ran away. Lawmen report the officer advised dispatchers of a foot pursuit and chased the suspect to the 1000 block of Ocean Park Blvd. They say the officer deployed his taser, Huneke ran into the street and took a fighting stance. Huneke was booked at the Santa Monica Jail for starting a fire and for fleeing. He was given a 10,000-dollar bail

Traffic Stop Leads to Slew of Charges

Santa Monica police say officers working a burglary suppression detail were traveling southbound at the 1000 block of Court 24 and saw a tan Buick traveling northbound toward them. They say as the car passed, the officers saw there were a female driver and a male passenger inside, but they noticed the rear license plate had a plastic cover over it, which is a violation of Vehicle Code. Lawmen report after turning out of the alley, the officers located the car at the 1000 block of 24th ST and conducted a traffic stop. Authorities say during the stop, the officers noticed the male passenger, Michael Chism, had an open bottle of beer on the floorboard between his legs. Both the driver Lynne Ramirez, and Chism were then asked to step out of the car so officers could search them. They say during the search, officers found a dagger on Chism's belt and discovered he had been sitting on a flashlight. Authorities report while searching the car, they found several baggies of what later proved to be methamphetamine in the glove compartment and in the trunk and they also found a digital scale in the trunk, along with a blank checkbook and a California driver's license with the driver's photo on it, but a different name and date of birth. Lawmen report a receipt the officers found in the vehicle also showed the driver made a purchase at a store on the Third Street Promenade using the fake ID and one of the checks. Both suspects were taken into custody and later booked at the Santa Monica Jail for possession of a controlled substance, possession for sales, forgery, identity theft, open container, and probation violation. Ramirez received a 50,000-dollar bail while Chism received a 30,000-dollar bail.


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