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Suspected Bicycle Thief Caught

Santa Monica police say officers working the 3rd St Promenade saw a man riding his bicycle on the Promenade in the 1300 block, which is a municipal code violation. This happened on July 14 around 9:20 p.m. Lawmen say the officers told the man, Shane Coachran, he could not ride his bike on the Promenade. They say Coachran ignored the officer's requests to walk his bike. Authorities say Coachran then started to ride away from the officers and tried to punch one of the officers when he attempted to stop him. Lawmen report after a brief struggle, the officers placed Coachran in custody. They say the bicycle was a rental from a bike rental business on the Pier later determined to be stolen. Coachran was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property, assault and resisting arrest. He was taken to jail and held under a 20,000-dollars bond.

Two Men End Up Behind Bars After Fight

Santa Monica police say their officers responded to the 1500 block of 5th St regarding for a status check of one of the residents who was bleeding from the head. The incident happened on July 12 shortly after midnight. Lawmen report while en route, officers were told there was a suspect on scene, who had punched a man. Authorities say when the officers arrived there was a large amount of blood spilled across the courtyard and a broken clay flowerpot. They say officers followed the blood trail to one of the apartments and made contact with a man who was bleeding profusely and was uncooperative. Lawmen report the officers reviewed video footage and saw two people arguing in the courtyard when one of them challenged the other to a fight causing a mutual combat to occur. They say during the fight one of the men stabbed the other with a knife and then the man who was stabbed used a clay flowerpot to hit the other in the head. Officers say both men were arrested after given medical treatment. They say Ricky Bolton of Santa Monica was charged with attempted murder and is held under a 1,000,000-dollars bond and Anthony Wesley of Santa Monica was charged with assault with a deadly weapon


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