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Dear Editor,

In the Oct. 6-12 issue of the Observer there was a first page article in reference to Mayor Pam O’Connor and alleged campaign law violations. In Ms. O’Connor’s reply she states that she is a single working woman and she does not have $90,000.00 to contribute to her campaign and she also refers to other public service work in which she is involved. And she indicates that there may have been $4,000.00 worth of mistakes and over 10 years that is only $400.00 per year. First of all, no one put a gun to her head and demanded that she run for office or do work for public service organizations. It seems there are allegations indicating that she has accepted contributions from developers for whom she voted favorably. She also refers to the first amendment rights that should allow persons to make political contributions. Mayor O’Connor seems to disregard that there are rules and laws governing contributions to elected and appointed officials with respect to accepting contributions from organizations that are seeking passage of a favorable ruling. There is also the perception of impropriety which Mayor O’Connor chooses to ignore. First amendment rights do not pertain to allegedly illegal contributions. Personally, it appears to me that the mayor is either ignorant or arrogant or perhaps both. I am surprised that she hasn’t been asked to resign as her acceptance of contributions from developers has been going on for some time. We have laws that are supposed to protect us from graft and corruption.

The size of the contributions accepted by the mayor is irrelevant. It is the act itself that is relevant.

Robert L. Fox


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