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Adventurer Kicks Off Human-Powered Global Odyssey At SM Pier

A South African man set off on a journey Thursday to go around the world twice – from east to west and then north to south – using only human-powered transportation to accomplish the feat.

KNX 1070′s Pete Demetriou reports Angelo Wilkie-Page kicked off his voyage at the Santa Monica Pier, from which point he'll bike all the way north to Anchorage, Alaska. The expedition, thought to be the first of its kind, is known as Expedition 720 Degrees and is committed to raising $1 million for Heifer International South Africa by the end of the journey's expedition – about 8 years, according to Wilkie-Page.

Without using any motors, sails, or solar-powered means, the 29-year-old Wilkie-Page says Expedition 720 Degrees will cross 7 continents and nearly 50 countries for a total distance of around 66,000 miles.

"This is a solo human-powered circumnavigation," he said. "I will be entirely on my own, I'm not allowed any physical support along the route whatsoever."

The first leg of the trip will be a 90-day, 3,150-mile cycle up the West Coast, where he expects to face challenges including brown and black bears in British Columbia and Alaska.

From there, Wilkie-Page will cross the Bering Strait in a purpose-made sea kayak to Magadan in Russia, where he will get back to the first known roads and be able to get back on his bike.

Wilkie-Page will then cycle west to, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, then entering Europe through Turkey all the way to finishing point in Lisbon, Portugal.

Once that journey is completed, he will then attempt to become the first person to complete a pole-to-pole circumnavigation within a 4-year timeframe. All said, the 8-year-trek could break four world records, according to Wilkie-Page.

Fans can follow the Expedition 720 Degrees online using Twitter and Facebook or on the official website, which uses a live tracking system to keep tabs on Wilkie-Page's location.


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