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By David Ganezer
Observer Publisher 

McKeown Named Mayor


December 8, 2014

by David Ganezer

Observer Publisher

Santa Monica is an egalitarian City, and everyone gets their chance to be Mayor. In a move that surprised no one, since it was arranged for in advance; Councilman Kevin McKeown was elected Mayor of Santa Monica by the other six City council members. He will be mayor for a one-year term, and then Councilman Tony Vazquez will succeed him in 2016. Vazquez was elected Mayor Pro Tempore. In 2016, Ted Winterer will be Mayor Pro Tempore (Latin meaning "for a time," meaning when the Mayor leaves Dodge, or in this case, Samo).

The vote took place following the swearing-in ceremony of a new Santa Monica City Council with returning members former-Mayor Pam O'Connor and Councilman Kevin McKeown.

The one new face on the council was Sue Himmelrich, who of course was sworn in for her first term. Himmelrich was given the honor of making the nominations.

"I have to say that I agree with many of the people who have talked about Kevin's long service and I think it would be great. I have worked with Ted and Tony and Kevin...and I think that Kevin is way due for this," Councilwoman Himmelrich was quoted as saying..

The City faces a budget crisis of being unable to pay for the 62 incumbents of City Hall who make more than $300,000 per year. A related issue is how they can sell the residents on thousands of new apartment units and millions of square feet of new commercial development, to pay for everyone's lavish pension, salary and other benefits; when traffic is already at a standstill and our quality of life is threatened. The honeymoon will be short


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