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Home Upgrade Program Attracts Attention

The summer is approaching quickly—be sure that your home isn’t wasting energy. Update your home to become more energy efficient before you crank the AC. Through the Home Upgrade rebate program you can inexpensively update your home, and save money in the long run.

The Home Upgrade program is implemented by The Energy Network; a non-profit focused on energy savings in California, and supported through statewide energy efficiency funds.

Home Upgrade is unique in that it emphases a “whole house” approach to home energy efficiency. Rather than focusing on individual energy efficiency upgrades, the program addresses a home’s energy needs as a complete system.

Home Upgrade allows homeowners – working directly with program certified contractors -- to bundle several energy efficiency improvements for maximum savings and maximum rebate.

Upgrades may include insulation; whole house air sealing, duct sealing, furnace and AC replacements, and other energy efficiency opportunities to help homeowner’s lower their utility bills and increase comfort.

These example measures are just some of many upgrades approved for rebates.

Home Upgrade provides an outlet for homeowners to make innovative energy efficiency retrofits to their homes while still remaining affordable. Home Upgrade, like other facets of The Energy Network’s work with homeowners, businesses, and public agencies can be an integral complement to existing local initiatives so that environmental goals are reached sooner. When paired with programs such as PACE financing and Cool Comfort Financing, your energy efficiency retrofit dreams can be closer than you think.

Supported through statewide energy efficiency funds, Home Upgrade rebates and incentives can help homeowners take the next step toward more comfortable, healthy living. It includes two levels of rebates: 1) Home Upgrade offers up to $3,000 in rebates and incentives for pursuing three or more energy efficiency upgrade from a menu of options and 2) Advance Home Upgrade offers rebates and incentives for pursuing a comprehensive, customized energy efficiency upgrade

(Contact your local utility for more information.) The Energy Network’s Home Upgrade applies to homeowners of single-family homes in Los Angeles County who are customers of both Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas Company.

For more information and to register for the program, single-family homeowners in the City should go to or call (877) 785-2237.


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