Community, Diversity, Sustainability and other Overused Words

Keeping The World Clean, One Business At A Time . . .

Culver City Public Works’ Environmental Programs and Operations Division has had a long standing commitment to protecting and preserving the Environment. As part of that commitment, it has been working with Businesses from all sectors to make “Earth Day, Every Day”.

What this really means for Businesses, especially during Earth Month, is doing well by doing good!

Culver City has made it easy to operate sustainably by offering recycling and composting services and a myriad of complimentary services to the commercial sector:

• Onsite visits from a commercial recycling consultant

• Personalized proposals with cost-saving benefits

• Tips and recommendations, according to the Business’ needs

• Free posters and training hand-outs

• Free employee training, in English and Spanish

Here are some facts and benefits of establishing a strong recycling and composting program in the business place:

• The commercial sector generates nearly ¾ of the solid waste in California, much is recyclable

• Trash can be a wasted resource but with separation, a recoverable commodity

• Landfills are hard on the environment and the community. They are forever!

• Recycling service rates are lower by 70% than trash rates in Culver City, reducing the bottom line!

• Recycling saves natural resources by sending a product into a reuse loop

• Under AB 341: it’s the law! All California businesses generating more than 4 cubic yards of waste per week must adopt a recycling program

• It makes for sound business practices and is part of the solution to protect the environment

With Earth day fast approaching, here are some “green” ideas courtesy of Culver City:

• Raise awareness of your staff: get involved,

• Implement a recycling/composting program at the office

• Take advantage of Culver City’s complimentary staff training on recycling and composting: call (310) 253-6400

• Think reusable everything for the office space: coffee cups, plates, bags

• Choose post-consumer recycled products, including paper

• Electronic waste: call a S.A.F.E. Center at 213-485-2260 or for free disposal dates

• Reduce water consumption: California is in a drought

• Save electricity: reduce night lighting, switch to LED bulbs

• Carpool or bike to work: take advantage of our city bike lanes, bike path and Expo line

Culver City and Businesses are working hand in hand to help the City reach its goal of diverting 75% of its waste by 2020. Going green has never been easier for Businesses in Culver City and that’s a win-win situation for all

Happy Earth Day


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