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Santa Monica App Provides Recycling Info

Santa Monica ‘my-waste’™ mobile app puts reuse and recycling collection information on your smartphone. Easy-to-find information when and where you want it.

If you are one of the growing number of people who have a smartphone or tablet you can download a City of Santa Monica App that puts recycling, special waste collection details and more at your fingertips.

Called ‘my-waste’™, the app lets mobile device users download the full range of information that is normally on the City’s Resource Recovery & Recycling website including residents’ collection schedule.

By downloading ‘my-waste’™, residents can check details for regular and special collections, and events like paper shredding, compost giveaways, and more.

Special features of the Santa Monica ‘my-waste’™ App include a search function that lets residents quickly find information about what to do with a regular or out-of-the-ordinary item. The download is free. Residents can find a link at or by visiting the iPhone/iPad or Android App store and searching for ‘my-waste’™.

Residents can use the app to link to the newly launched Santa Monica Swap or Share group via This services allows residents to borrow and lend items with their neighbors instead of buying things new.

Sharing items with our neighbors obviously helps us save money and live more sustainably. By sharing products we already own, we are buying less stuff, getting more use out of what we’ve already purchased, and throwing away fewer items.

Need to borrow a power drill or a ladder for the day? Got extra baby clothes you’re willing to lend out or give away? Share your items with other Santa Monica Swap or Share members by joining the group.

Residents can log in any time and see what’s available. Add an item to your wish list and the whole group will see what you need and be able to help you. Link via the ‘my-waste’™ app or visit

Santa Monica is adding the ‘my-waste’™ App and Santa Monica Swap or Share to its communication outreach activities. It will continue to distribute printed materials and have information on the website for residents who prefer traditional promotional and educational materials.


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