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Mexico Reports 222 Cases of Zika Virus Infection as of June 1, 2016

53 Pregnant Women Have Been infected with the Zika Virus, 10 in Third Trimester

There is obviously a lot of rear and trepidation in the United States about the progress of Zika Virus. Spread primarily by mosquitos (but also by humans through sexual and other contact), the disease causes some pregnant women to deliver infants with Microcephaly. The US has more screeen doors and windows, and also less standing water than some Latin American countries, which may make it less vulnerable to the Zika virus. Here is the report from Health Mexico:

• In the last report, 222 cases were detected, of which 53 are in pregnant women.

• Mexico´s Ministry of Health monitors cases of transmission of this virus.

Accompanied by the general directors of Epidemiology, Cuitlahuac Ruiz Matus, and the National Center for Gender Equity and Reproductive Health, Ricardo Garcia Cavazos, he said that according to the latest epidemiological report, are confirmed 222 cases in Mexico, of which 53 are pregnant women.

June 8, 2016: With specific strategies, such as the dissemination between health institutions of the Technical Guideline for the Care and Monitoring of pregnancy and its relation with the zika virus, in Mexico are strengthened actions to address this disease, reported the Undersecretary of Prevention and Promotion of Health, Pablo Kuri Morales.

In the announcement at a press conference, of the recent scientific evidence published in the New England Journal of Medicine, about the association of the zika virus and the probability of developing microcephaly during the first months of pregnancy, doctor Kuri Morales said that the fact that a pregnant woman is infected with zika virus, does not necessarily mean that the fetus in gestation will develop microcephaly.

Of the 53 women in pregnancy, of which seven gave birth successfully and 46 remain in monitoring, from these last, nine are in the first trimester of pregnancy, 27 in the second trimester and 10 in the third.

"The ultrasounds practiced, refer normality in the development of the embryo and its components such as the placenta and the amniotic fluid."

He noted that 51 hospitals in 22 states of this country have equipment to detect microcephaly.

Mexico´s Undersecretary of Prevention presented in detail the strategies against the zika virus, such as staff training and specialists contracting; plus a budget of more than 800 million pesos for vector control, among other actions.

Kuri Morales insisted people to participate and follow the recommendations: wash, cover, turn and throw any container that can collect water, to prevent the proliferation of the mosquito that spreads zika virus, dengue and chikungunya, especially during the next rainy season.


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