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Brock Turner Snapchatted a photo of his victim's breasts to friends after the attack

Friends of Stanford Rapist deleted the image of the victim from their cellphones

It casts Snapchat in a whole new light.

Stanford rapist 'took photograph of his victim's breasts during attack - and shared it with swim team friends who deleted it after his arrest', police believe

Stanford rapist Brock Allan Turner shared a photo of his victim's breasts, by sending it to his swim teammates after the attack. This according to court papers, which indicate one of his friends deleted those photos.

In a pleading entitled "Sentencing Memorandum" filed by the prosecution, the prosecution argues:

Cell Phone Extraction

Shortly after Defendant's arrest in the early morning hours of January 18, 2015, Detectives noticed a text message in the "Group Me" application that appeared on the Defendant's screen. It stated, "Who's tits are those?" (See Exhibit Four: photos of screenshot.) A search warrant for the Defendant's phone was obtained and his phone was searched by the Santa Clara County Crime lab. Detectives were unable to locate the text from the "group me" application or any photos related to that text. However, they learned that when there is a third party application, the images are not stored on the phone and can be deleted by a third party member in the group.

The photos of screenshots referenced above, read in part: 'Whos tit is that'.

The message, which arrived through the GroupMe app, was sent by Stanford swimmer Justin Buck. Buck is from Aberdeen, UK, says the UK Mirror.

Detectives were unable to access the photo sent by Turner. GroupMe allows pictures sent to be deleted by third parties. It is unclear who deleted the photograph. Destruction of evidence may be prosecuted as Obstruction of Justice.

Buck, 21, was raised in Clearwater, Florida, and is currently working as an investment banking summer analyst' at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in San Francisco.

Suspicious message: Detectives saw the message about a 'tit' on Turner's phone shortly after his arrest. They could not find an original picture and believe that it was deleted by another member of the group

Turner was convicted of taking the victim from a frat party, partially stripping her, digitally penetrating her, and then raped her unconscious body behind a dumpster. He was discovered there by two passing bicyclists from Sweden

Buck is due to graduate from Stanford with a major in economics next summer.

Unlike other swim team friends of Turner, among them Israeli Olympic star Tom Kremer, of Los Altos Hills, Buck did not send a letter of support to Judge Aaron Persky. This could be because he was informed that he was a potential witness.

The reference to the message appears in the People's Sentencing Memorandum, which was prepared by prosecutor Alaleh Kianierci. Part of a section on cell phone extraction, which also covers the messages exchanged by Turner and his high school friends about drug taking, it reads:

'Shortly after the Defendant's arrest in the early morning hours of January 18 2015, Detectives noticed a text message in the 'Group Me' application that appeared on the Defendant's phone.

'It stated: 'Who's tits are those?' [sic]. A search warrant for the Defendant's phone was obtained and it was searched by the Santa Clara County crime lab.

'Detectives were unable to extract either the text from the 'Group Me' application, nor any photos related to that text. It is interesting that they tried, given the famous inability to extract data from the San Bernardino Shooters' cell phones.

'However, they learned that when there is a third party application, the images are not stored in the phone and can be deleted by a third party member in the group.'

It is unclear who was a member of the group beyond Buck and Turner.

Blake Bolton, a witness who was visiting Stanford on the weekend of the sex attack, later told police that he had seen a man standing over the victim with a phone.

In his statement to cops, Bolton said 'the male subject was standing over her with a cell phone. The cell phone had a bright light pointed in the direction of the female, using either a flashlight app in his phone or its built-in app.

'He approached the subject and asked if everything was okay. The male subject did not say anything to Bolton.

'He told the male subject to roll her over onto her side to breathe. The male subject did not do this. Bolton then got on his knees and checked her pulse.

'When he got back up, the male subject was gone.'

The police report also notes that a silver iPhone was found close to the victim, its blue cover discarded near by.

In this famous case which has gripped the nation since May 29, Turner's phone records have come under scrutiny in recent days, with copies of his text exchanges and pics of Turner smoking a hash pipe stored on the device submitted to Judge Persky prior to sentencing.

The 20-year-old, of Dayton, Ohio, repeatedly claimed to be a stranger to drugs and alcohol prior to arriving at Stanford but his lies were exposed through a series of messages referencing marijuana, LSD and MDMA – the powdered form of club drug ecstasy.

They also revealed that Turner is fond of using the racial slur 'n****' – repeatedly sending text messages containing the word to his high school friend, Brock Alderton.

Last week, Turner was sentenced to six months in Elmwood Jail, in Milpitas, California, where the majority of the 3500 inmates are housed in military barracks and tents.

Stanford swimmer Brock Turner found guilty of rape in March

Instant messaging: Buck and Turner were using GroupMe, an instant messaging app which allows anyone in the group to delete the picture.

Drug interest: How prosecutors rubbished Turner's claims that he had been an innocent young man and stranger to drugs until he arrived at Stanford

However, this website learned that the convicted rapist is being kept away from the general prison population and enjoys a cell to himself.

Daily Mail Online also discovered that Turner is set to serve just half of his six-month sentence and will be released on September 2.

He has also applied to serve his three-year probation term in Ohio rather than California.

Turner was convicted of raping a 23-year-old woman outside a Stanford frat party in March, attacking his victim while she was unconscious.

Despite Turner's claims that she 'appeared satisfied' with the sexual contact and agreed to it by saying 'yeah' when asked, witnesses said she was totally unresponsive.

An examination on the night of the attack also revealed that Turner 'fingered' the victim so roughly, her vagina was left covered in lacerations.

When accosted by Swedish graduate students Peter Jonsson and Carl-Frederik Arndt, Turner attempted to flee the scene but was tackled by Jonsson and held until the police arrived.

Court documents seen by this website also reveal that the incident was not the first time Turner had behaved in an aggressive manner towards women.

The previous weekend, Turner had approached two women at another party at the Kappa Alpha frat house – and left them 'creeped out' by his behavior.

Stanford swimmer pleaded not guilty to rape charges in February.

Obsessed: Just some of the texts in which Brock and his friends spoke about drugs repeatedly. He asked 'do y'all n****s have marijuana' on 22 August - slightly less than a month before enrolling at Stanford

In a statement made to detectives on June 25 2015, Stanford student Allison Harman and Kelly Moran, who was visiting her, said they had encountered Turner at a bash on January 9.

'While on campus, they attended a party at the Kappa Alpha fraternity where Ms Moran was introduced to the Defendant,' the report reads.

'She described the Defendant as living in the same dormitory as Ms Harman and said they had mutual friends but were not close.

'She stated that during the party, she and Ms Harman were dancing on a table and the Defendant followed them onto the table.

'She described the Defendant as being flirtatious. He put his hat on her and she took it off. He then started to dance behind her and tried to turn her around to face him.

'She felt uncomfortable and tried to turn her body away so he would not be directly behind her. He became really 'touchy' and put his hands on her waist and stomach.

'He even put his hands on her upper thighs. She felt more and more uncomfortable and got down off the table.

'She said the Defendant 'creeped' her out because of his persistence.'

The sister of Turner's victim also reported a similar experience, telling police that he had attempted to kiss her and acted aggressively on the night of the rape.

Turner had claimed to have been talking with and kissing the victim herself – a statement later derided as 'lies' by prosecutor Alaleh Kianierci.

Writing in a sentencing memo to Judge Persky, she added: 'Despite his lies that there was some sort of 'flirtation' between himself and [the victim's sister] both at trial and in his statement to probation, it was abundantly clear from Jane Doe 2's [the victim's sister] testimony that she was caught completely off guard by his multiple attempts to kiss her that night.

'She even had to get away from him after he grabbed her waist, and she alerted her friend Colleen to his behavior.'

She concluded: 'Even though he was twice rejected by [the victim's sister], he felt it was acceptable to pursue [the victim] later that night when she was alone and inebriated.

'He purposefully took her to an isolated area, away from all the party goers, to an area that was dimly lit, and assaulted her on the ground next to a dumpster.'

Every major news organization in the country has commented on the story, as have politicians all the way to Vice President Joe Biden.

The Stanford rape victim's entire letter is posted here:

Letter from her boyfriend emerges:


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