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Drama Between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp Ends in Restraining Order

Depp ordered to take 100 yards from his wife, but allowed to take personal items

Update, 6/17: Today, Amber Heard's hearing on a permanent restraining order against soon to be ex hubby Johnny Depp, was continued to next week. Amber Heard appeared gaunt in Los Angeles Superior court. Word is she has lost 20 pounds, and filming of The Avengers III was postponed because the actress can't fill out her costumes. Poor Amber!

Oh how the astonishingly attractive have fallen.

Amber Heard filed for divorce from Johnny Depp in May, saying that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor had abused her. She was granted a restraining order, which admittedly isn't all that difficult to get an LA Superior Court Judge to sign. LA Courts give out restraining orders for the asking, and who wouldn't? After all, who wants to play Judge Persky in the LA Times.

So the guy goes back to his house, Depp does, in order to pick up his clothes, which he needs for a court appearance Friday. The court order seems to say that's also allowable. Well, Heard calls the LAPD, and they slap the cuffs on Edward Scissorhands. Got that? Does that seem fair to you?

The entire purpose of a restraining order, legal experts say, is to make it a crime for the Defendant to approach the Petitioner.

The "Hart of Dixie" starlet appeared opposite Depp in 2001's "Blow" as Kristina Jung, daughter of drug kingpin George Jung.

Shortly after Amber Heard filed for divorce from her husband-of-15-months Johnny Depp, disturbing photos of actress with a huge bruise around her eye were released, along with the shocking claim that Depp physically assaulted her repeatedly. Heard showed up to court with the bruise on her face, an injury that Depp inflicted on her when he bashed his iPhone on her face on the night of May 21, 2016.

Heard filed for divorce just three days after Depp's mom died.

As for Johnny Depp, we remind him of what the great Charles Bukowski once wrote: "When a woman is done with you, she's done with you." We're sure he won't be along long.


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Wowzerz writes:

Aside from the obvious feminazi bias, this ... ahem ... report ... ahem ... has libel written all over it. How did you ever get a job with any rag? Disgusting.