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Girl with Guitar: Ray Donovan in Season 4 is a Changed Man On the Wagon

As Mickey take a Peyote Trip, Ray Tries to Reconcile with his Family

Tonight's Ray Donovan wakes up in a hospital, after having been shot and collapsing in a church last season. "How I got here?" his brother asks him, at an AA meeting apparently taking place at his gym.

I guess I got here the same as all of you. Meeting father O'Merriil, asking him for forgiveness. Turn from evil and do good, and you will live in the land forever.

A native American priest is reading from a braille bible as a helicopter lands.

Ray has a vision of himself being operated on by a priest, who removes the bullet and shows it to Father O'Merrell. "Ray? Ray," he wakes up again in this world.

I want you to meet Hector Campos. He's going to take care of you. Terry Survived, he's in the hospital. I got to see my family. If you go back out there with a bullet wound, you'll end up in jail," says Campos. Ray's apparent new best friend. Trust me, I got your back

Flash forward to the AA meeting at the gym. "It's hard for me to get close to people. I tried, got married and had kids. I love my family. I guess if you love people, you're supposed to let them in." he says. summer turns into winter.

Do you know this story? My daddy reads stories to everyone, says Campos's little girl.

He is with Campos, who tells him a story of crying with his priest, who presumably also abused him since he needed forgiveness.

In his dream, Ray walks into a room where as a boy he is holding hands with a priest. His daughter Bridget looks at him

At an AAA meeting with Father O'Merell, he testifies that he hasn't had a drink in 6 months, he is "doing the work and getting second chances. That's it, that's all I got," he says in typical stoic Ray Donovan fashion.

As he leaves rehab, he is told that Detective Muncie wants to talk to him. "I saw Hector Campos walking out of his brother's gym.

"I've got your father's DNA from the crime scene, it's only a matter of time before I get a subpoena for you. You fucked up, you left Bellicova out there to do this," he says to the black female detective. "My father's gone" he says, refusing to tell her where Micky is. Ray may not even know

Cut screen to Primm, Nevada, the last town in Nevada before the California frontier

Mickey in a cowboy suit gestures to a gas station attendant. We see the latter sabotage a car.

Mickey is apparently running a new scam. He has a gas station attendant sabotage cars of wealthy gentlemen. They get sent into the Star of the Desert casino, where Mickey has a job running tables.

Throughout the episode, Ray assures everyone that he is a different man now. He falls off the wagon though with a cop who answers a domestic dispute call between Campos and his girlfriend. But first he travels a journey that parallels his father Mickey's journey in Primm.

Ray finds his daughter strumming a guitar with another woman, atop that green hill at the west end of Windward Avenue on Venice Beach. He assures her that he has changed, and invites Bridget to dinner.

The same attorney named Waller who happened to be at the Police station when Ray went to meet Det. Muncie, presents Ray with $10,000 to meet a woman named Koretsky who runs a gallery. "My client was intending to donate 10 de silva paintings to a charity. He was hoping to avoid taxation.

Ray said she smuggled them in and they were seized at this port. She asks Ray to speak to Det. Sheila Muncie on his behal.

Ray gives her back his check. As Koretsky explains the subject of the Girl with a Guitar painting was De Silva's daughter.

We think the title is a reference to him, but the Girl with Guitar is the name of a painting at a new client's art gallery. She pays ray $10,000 just to meet with her, to discuss ten paintings of hers that were seized at LA Harbor for lack of documentation.

Mickey's scam falls apart when it is reported to the casino manager. He is banned from the casino for life, and leaves to take Peyote with a couple of Native American men.

His daughter comes to their Calabasas home, and Ray is late to diner, having crashed the LAPD officer's car, after getting him completely drunk. Ray has fallen off the wagon deliberately, but it's work. And he crashed the patrol car into a wall deliberately too, after promising the cop $100,000 in six months for keeping his mouth shut.

Ray attempts to reconnect with his family; Abby's medical diagnosis threatens to upend the family.

Abby confides in a stranger on a park bench, that "they wanna lop my tits off" because she has stage zero breast cancer. She has to be strong for her family. She wants to tell Ray when he calls her, but cannot because he explains that Bridget is coming to dinner.

In the end Abby is in Ray's lap, and Mickey wakes up in a hospital with Detective Muncie looking over him. No doubt, the worst bad trip in Mickey's life.


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