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Wonder Woman, Imperial Storm Troopers, Trekkies Mingle with Nerds at San Diego Comic-Con

150,000 Attendees celebrate Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlesttar Galactica and just stars

150,000 people poured into San Diego's convention center for the 36th annual comic con starting last Thursday and ending Sunday night.

If I had to summarize Comic-con in one word it would be an adventure. If you are a first timer or a veteran of the con, there is always something new and exciting, after all who doesn't enjoy entertainment.

It feels as if all human kind is present at the con, with everyone racing to get to the same thing. The ever so popular hall H with the annual Walking Dead panel, and the fans willing to line up the day before, camping out in order to be the first ones in. I personally do not enjoy sleeping on concrete.

Then we have the exclusive toys from Mattel and Hasbro, for these, people rise at 4 am to wait outside the doors to be the first ones in line, this year it was the Star Wars exclusive causing the stir.

Not to be ignored there are the cos players, they provide much needed relief as adults dress up as their favorite character,this year Harley Quinn is the popular Character, as well as Ryn from Star Wars. for the gamers your favorites are all in attendance, from X-Box to Blizzard to Wii, demonstrating upcoming games. Whether its, TV, movies, reading or even comics you will absolutely ride a vice you can get behind. "The con" is an exhausting, five days of constant walking, but well worth the fun!

Two particular movie trailers got a lot of buzz at Comic-con. One of them, Justice League, stars Ben Affleck. Warner Bros' hopes it is the answer to Sony's the Avengers.

The ladies kick some booty too, in DC Comics Wonder Woman. It hits the theaters in June 2017. Gal Gadot portrayed Wonder Woman in the 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, marking the character's feature film debut after over 70 years of history. Gadot will also star in the character's first solo live-action film Wonder Woman.

" This year's event included "a Ferris wheel ride with the hero of "Mr. Robot." A total-immersion adventure with the Asperger Murderers from "Suicide Squad." Some uncomfortably close encounters of the "American Horror Story" kind." This according to the San Diego Union Tribune, the local newspaper which of course can be expected to promote the event.

Originally showcasing primarily comic books and science fiction/fantasy related film, television, and similar popular arts, the convention has since included a larger range of pop culture and entertainment elements across virtually all genres, including horror, animation, anime, manga, toys, collectible card games, video games, webcomics, and fantasy novels. According to Forbes, the convention is the "largest convention of its kind in the world."

Publishers Weekly wrote "Comic-Con International: San Diego is the largest show in North America;" Wikipedia says it is also the largest convention held in San Diego.

In 2010, it filled the San Diego Convention Center to capacity with more than 130,000 attendees. This year twice as many attended.

At this year's Comic-Con, the big draw at the splashy promotional installations popping up around downtown San Diego is the virtual-reality experience. But whether you are strapping on a VR headset or just lining up for a temporary Harley Quinn tattoo, the fun outside the San Diego Convention Center is as real as the sweat pooling beneath your Jon Snow cape and the gratifying weight of your swag-filled Warner Bros. bag. Con badge, or no Con badge.

Not everyone loved this years Comic-con. "This year appeared more fun but had way less interesting topics and just not enough of what it used to from the past year," opined one young man. "The worst was just honestly the lack of interesting panels and subjects and the most impressing things are the costumes."

See Hollywood Shares Increasingly Crowded Comic Con Stage But a crowded convention marketplace and new players on the scene have made it trickier for them to find the 135,000 sets of eyeballs congregating at this year's 47th annual shindig.

From Sometimes not everyone at the Con is clean. It's summer, it's crowded and it's over a hundred thousand people, some of whom are shower-challenged. If you have a sensitive nose like I do, bring a scent you like and apply it under your nose when the going gets tough. You will thank me. If you get sick easily, take precautions. Some people complain that they always pick up a cold at the Con.


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