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Trump Adds a Brownback Crisis to his Crazy To-Do List

Nominee Praises the Kansas Governor's Disastrous Economic Policies

Donald Trump has named Kansas Governor Sam Brownback as one of four politicians selected to serve as his Agricultural Advisory Committee, and in speeches across the country he is lauding Brownback's "Kansas solution" as a model for America.


THAT is scary.

Delusionally, fantastically, scary.

Of all of the many scary things that Trump has said at his campaign rallies, this unabashed praise of Sam Brownback may truly be the scariest of all.

For those who don't follow Kansas news, my home state has spent the last six years reeling with an unbridled economic recession.

Under Brownback's misguided and shortsighted stewardship, Kansas has suffered from credit downgrades, underfunded schools, healthcare cuts, increasing debt, revenue shortfalls, and massive job losses in all areas.

As other states, and the nation as a whole, have recovered from the woes wrought by the 2008-2009 global recession, Kansas has continued to see losses across the board. Hospitals have shut down, school years have been cut short, roads have not been repaired, and there has been a $150M budget shortfall, already, in 2016 alone.

The cornerstone of Brownback's policy is tax cuts. Big, big tax cuts for everyone, and especially for businesses. He believed that corporations would flock to Kansas, providing jobs and bolstering the economy.

That hasn't happened, and with little tax revenue, the state is not able to adequately provide even the barest of essentials for its citizens.

Actually, some business has even left, due to the bleak state of the state:

"It's not so much that I'm moving the company to Missouri as I'm moving it away from Kansas," Pathfinder Health Innovations chief executive Jeff Blackwood wrote in June.

"It is far past the time that Sam Brownback and his cronies admit the damage they've caused to the people of Kansas and resign in the shame they deserve."

The governor has proven himself to be a very, very, poor leader, and now it seems that Donald Trump wants to see the whole country suffer the same miserable, disastrous, fate that Kansas has endured.

"The members of my Agricultural Advisory Committee represent the best that America can offer to help serve agricultural communities," Trump said in a news release.

If that's the best America can offer, Mr. Trump, then we are in a very sorry state, indeed.

Even the conservative bastion that was my prairie home has finally come to realize that Brownback's draconian trickle down economics is a big fail: they voted in a slate of moderates this year to replace and control Crazy Sam's extremists.

So why would anyone promote the program of someone who has been such a failure?

It's looking more and more like the Donald really doesn't want to win this election.

If he really wanted to win, he wouldn't even remotely consider the possibility of praising the visible and undeniable insanity that is Sam Brownback.


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procounsl writes:

Yeah, one of the lowest unemployment rates in the could try, among the best schools and best roads - we need to stop that nonsense immediately! Maybe we could copy the economic plan of a nice Democratic state like Connecticut - businesses evacuating the state en masse, laying off THOUSANDS of state employees, the worst roads in the country, all in one of the richest states. That would be MUCH better. Economics - just another four syllable word that liberals can't understand ...