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FBI Arrests NYC Bomber, Found Asleep Outside of a New Jersey Tavern.

Two policemen wounded in shootout with Rahami, described by his dad as a "deadbeat who hated America."

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, an Afghan-born American, was arrested by the FBI for the 2016 New York metropolitan area bombings. He was asleep outside a bar at the time, and the bar owner called police

He was arrested Monday Morning in Linden, New Jersey after a shootout that wounded two police officers. One officer was shot in the vest, and another in the hand, both are expected to recover.

Rahami is the son of Muhammad Rahami, who owned a fast-food restaurant on the ground floor of the family home on Elmora Avenue in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The elder Rahami described his son as "a deadbeat, who hated America."

According to a report given to a journalist by a neighbor, Rahami's father was recently seen in the family's backyard "hauling gear into his backyard, dousing it with lighter fluid, and setting it on fire. The neighbor told Mr. McDermott it looked like computer equipment."New York Police Department spokesman said Monday that they looking for Ahmad Khan Rahami, a 28 year old male from Elizabeth, N.J., for his suspected role in the bombings that have occurred over the last three days in New York and New Jersey."

Police said Rahami, 28, is the man seen on the video on 23rd street and 27th Street in Manhattan. Afghani national is seen on video. He is said to be armed and dangerous.

Relatives of Rahamai have been detained and are being questioned. Police say they want to question Rahami,

At a train station, a package with pipebombs was discovered in Elizabeth NJ. They are similar in nature in the devices found Saturday, and are regarded as having been produced by Rahami

The New York Times reports that the Rahami family ran a New Jersey restaurant, alled ironically enough, All American Chicken. The neighbors objected to customers there all night making noise, drinking, even urinating on lawns. After much litigation and a City Council ordinance, the Elizabeth, NJ restaurant agreed to close at midnight or 1 am, and the neighbors stopped complaining.

Rahami himself had been previously arrested for disorderly conduct at the family restaurant.


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