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Jonathon D. Fischer Foundation to Donate $700,000 to Charities after World Marathon Challenge


Toronto native Jonathon Fischer, will be one of the first Canadians to compete in the grueling World Marathon Challenge which commences Monday, January 23rd in Antarctica.

Competitors in the World Marathon Challenge must complete 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. Aside from Antarctica, this year's destinations include Punta Arenas, Miami, Madrid, Marrakech, Dubai, and Sydney. Competitors will run 183 miles, spend 59 hours in the air and fly approximately 24,000 miles.

JDFF will donate $100,000 CAD per marathon to charities ($700,000 in total).

In years prior only 15 runners participated as a result of logistical challenges, however this year's number of participants has skyrocketed to 30 runners including the likes of two time Olympian Ryan Hall, marathon & ultramarathon champion Mike Wardian, Ironman champion Petr Vabrousek, Chile's Silvan Camelio, winner of the 2015 Antarctic Ice Marathon, Luke Wigman, winner of the 2016 Volcano Marathon, as well as Ireland's Sinead Keane, who aspires to become the first blind person to compete in the World Marathon Challenge. Successful participants will be recognized by The 7 Continents Marathon Club and Intercontinental Marathon Club.

As an avid runner, triathlete, and thrill seeker in his youth, Fischer came to find that life-as it does for so many-pulled him away from his intense exercise routines. In honor of turning 55 years old this year, Fischer decided to jump back in to action with an intense training regimen in an effort to prepare for the grueling challenge all in the name of philanthropy. JDFF will support the following charities for each leg of the World Marathon Challenge:

Antarctica- Sick Kids Hospital:

Punta Arenas- MPCF:

Miami- Thorn:

Madrid- Dog Guides:

Marrakech- Free the Children:

Dubai- Dream Center:

Sydney- Other JDFF charity recipients:

About JDFF: JDFF was born from the mutual philanthropic passion of Jonathon D. Fischer and his wife Christine Avanti-Fischer. Their desire to inspire and empower people to make the world a better place has successfully aided like-minded organizations by focusing on education, ending human trafficking, animal rights, medical needs and water projects amongst many others.

More information about JDFF can be found at:

About the World Marathon Challenge: The World Marathon Challenge is organized by Global Running Adventures, which is the same group that organizes the North Pole Marathon, the world's most southerly marathon, the Antarctic Ice Marathon, and the world's highest desert marathon, the Volcano Marathon. The World Marathon Challenge consists of 7 marathons, in 7 days, on 7 continents and is the only event that offers the opportunity to do so. Participants run 295 km(183 miles) over the seven day period, spend 59 hours in the air and fly approximately 38,000 km. For more information visit:


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